New Batch of Emails Expose A Shocking Lie by Hillary Clinton



There is a shocking revelation in the new batch of Hillary Clinton emails. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton was the architect of the false Benghazi video story. The emails also contradict her testimony during last month’s hearings.

The Benghazi attack was never caused by a video. We know that the video was used to cover up what was a failure in leadership at State and it was also to conceal the fact that al Qaeda was on the rise while Obama was saying the opposite.

Susan Rice went on the Sunday news shows on September 16, 2012 and lied to the American public, blaming the video for the attack.

It’s never been clear who concocted the video story. We do know from a previous email that it was mentioned by Sidney Blumenthal, Hillary’s unofficial advisor. It now appears that the video story was Hillary’s conception. The new batch of emails point to Hillary being the architect of the subterfuge.

Clinton met with Susan Rice in Clinton’s office from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sept. 14, 2012 — two days before Rice misled the American people.

The schedule shows the meeting was planned and there was no subject referenced but an email from Sept. 14, 2012 which was sent to several high-ranking administration staffers by White House aide Ben Rhodes had the subject line: “RE: PREP Call with Susan: Saturday at 4:00 p.m. ET.”

At that prep session, Rice was told “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

Clinton obviously prepared Rice for her appearance on the Sunday shows.

Clinton told her daughter the raid was perpetrated by “an Al Queda-like [sic] group”. She said the same to the Egyptian president. She knew the truth.

During last month’s hearings, Rep. Jordan questioned her about the night of the attack. Mrs. Clinton issued a statement that attributed the attacks to anger over a video about Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad.

Mrs. Clinton gave a nuanced answer. She said some people in Tunisia and Egypt were protesting the video at U.S. facilities. But she tried to draw some distance between the video and the Benghazi attacks. Rep. Jordan doesn’t buy it: “I think you knew the truth.”

Rep. Jordan didn’t believe her and he was right. She not only knew the truth, she was the architect of the fabricated story.

The new batch of emails contradict her testimony on other issues.

Emails sent the night of the attack indicate Clinton received updates about the unfolding violence in Benghazi via her private, unsecured email network, contrary to her testimony in an Oct. 22 hearing before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

When Clinton testified last month, she told Congress that she conducted her business outside of email, received updates in person and not on her private server.

Also, during her testimony, she said she didn’t know Blumenthal’s emails were actually written by Tyler Drumheller, however, the new batch of emails has emails to Hillary with Drumheller’s name on it, The Washington Examiner reported.

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