New Book Claims Hillary Clinton Has a “Hit List” of Democrat Traitors


Hillary Clinton’s aides have been keeping a “hit list” of Democrat traitors, presumably to one day seek retribution or hold back on favors.

HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton,” is a new book by The Hill’s Amy Parmes and Politico’s Jonathan Allen.  They examine Hillary’s rise to power and claim that her aides kept a “hit list” of Democrats who crossed her with rankings from 1 to 7 according to their level of treachery. John Kerry and Claire McCaskill are on the top of the list.

hillary hit woman

The Hill just ran an article about Claire McCaskill not wanting to be in the same elevator with Hillary Clinton. She said the ill-will was so intense that she didn’t want to be alone with her.

In 2006, McCaskill was debating Jim Talent on a political show when Bill Clinton’s name came up and she said, “He’s been a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him.”

The Clintons had given her their strong backing.

They made up but then McCaskill endorsed Barack Obama for the White House, which led to more bad feelings.

She is now endorsing Hillary for president.

Hillary’s aides hated McCaskill. She not only endorsed Obama but she jabbed at Hillary almost every day on the campaign trail. McCaskill is said to be a very unpleasant individual.

Two of Hillary’s top aides, as one of their last orders of business when the campaign ended in 2008, put together an Excel database of the sins of members of Congress. They noted who endorsed Hillary, who backed Obama, and who stayed on the sidelines.

It didn’t stop there. It was far more detailed. They recorded every favor they granted and how the recipient reacted.

“We wanted to have a record of who endorsed us and who didn’t,” said a member of Hillary’s campaign team, “and of those who endorsed us, who went the extra mile and who was just kind of there. And of those who didn’t endorse us, those who understandably didn’t endorse us because they are [Congressional Black Caucus] members or Illinois members. And then, of course, those who endorsed him but really should have been with her … that burned her.”

Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama over Hillary and did so on the day Caroline did an op-ed supporting Obama which put him on the top of the list. Actually, that did hit the news at the time. The Clintons were said to be furious.

The aides exalted in the downfall of the Democrats who didn’t play along.

“Bill Richardson: investigated; John Edwards: disgraced by scandal; Chris Dodd: stepped down,” one said to another. “Ted Kennedy,” the aide continued, lowering his voice to a whisper for the punch line, “dead,” reported The Hill.

The book answers the question, Why a hit list?

“It meant that when asks rolled in, she and Bill would have at their fingertips all the information needed to make a quick decision—including extenuating, mitigating, and amplifying factors—so that friends could be rewarded and enemies punished.”

We have a local congressman on Long Island, Tim Bishop, who is under an ethics review for his “pay-for-play” shenanigans. It’s become a way of life in DC.

There is a lot of talk about Christie’s bridge-gate and how he might have set up a toxic environment that caused the recent lane closing, but will we hear the same about Hillary whose two key aides have been treasuring this “hit list” since 2008?

Others on the list are: John Kerry, Jay Rockefeller, Bob Casey, Patrick Leahy, Chris Van Hollen, Baron Hill, and Rob Andrews.

Years ago, Hillary allegedly had a list of women who were cavorting with Bill.