New Climate FlimFlam! European Settlers Caused Global Cooling


You thought you heard it all when it came to global warming extremism, but you have not. The fanatics are now saying that European men caused the deaths of 55 million natives in the Americas. That caused global cooling which led to a new era of modern man. And that, in turn, caused global warming.

Allegedly, there were 60 million natives in the Americas before the explorers and settlers came with their diseases in 1492. According to a new climate study, that caused the native population to dwindle to five million which caused global cooling.

There are no records of how many natives there were before or after, so the researchers made them up from sketchy records.

Europeans brought measles, smallpox, influenza and the bubonic plague across the Atlantic. This had devastating consequences for the Indigenous populations.

That killed off 90 percent of the natives, the researchers say. They call it The Great Dying for drama’s sake.

That meant there weren’t enough farmers left to till the land. Thus, the land returned to its natural state. [We thought that’s what climate extremists wanted?]

The extent of this regrowth of the natural habitat was so vast that it allegedly removed enough CO₂ to cool the planet.

The lower temperatures prompted feedbacks in the carbon cycle which eliminated even more CO₂ from the atmosphere — such as less CO₂ being released from the soil.

So CO₂ isn’t bad?

That, they say, is the proof that HUMAN ACTIONS caused a great climate tragedy. It led a whole new era.

Don’t worry, they have the global warming thing figured into the equation.


They write: Such a dramatic event would not contribute much to easing the rate of modern global warming, however. The unprecedented reforestation event in the Americas led to a reduction of 5 parts per million CO₂ from the atmosphere — only about three years’ worth of fossil fuel emissions today.

So, there you have it. The study proves man is a varmint destroying Mother Earth, but this doesn’t mean they didn’t also cause global warming.

This study can be found at, or Public Radio International, with the title, European colonization of the Americas killed 10 percent of world population and caused global cooling.

This is yet one more way to prove climate extremism and to blame modern European men.

  • North America was very thinly populated before Europeans came. Natives were not focused on agriculture. Lewis & Clarke found vast wilderness stretching thousands of miles, including wetlands, in the most fertile areas.

    Our culture is now fiction based.

  • Indeed Mr. Lombardi. I read a school history textbook somewhere around 50 years ago that claimed that there were only something like 35 to 40 million inhabitants on the North American continent at the time of Columbus’s first landing in 1492 and that would include Alaska, Canada, Mexico and the central American countries. This is nothing more that wild eyed radical’s deluded hairbrained attempt to shift the “blame” now than NASA has come out and admitted that we are heading into a cold period caused by the lack of sunspot activity on the surface of the sun while the leftists are continuing to claim that we’re having global warming. These idiots can’t get ANYTHING right.

  • The VERY presence of others is a problem…a few years ago a Brazilian tribe was “contacted” by government officials and were decimated. “Guns, germs and Steel”…do not remember the author’s name, is a good read in this direction…Please note that the Middle East and north Africa harbours a multitude of ‘germs’…read the book re general connotations…

  • the real problem is there are people stupid enough to believe this nonsense. years ago theories like this one would be laughed out of existence. now, because of the well known TDS epidemic, they are considered real and true. no evidence is needed, just the idea that it happened is enough for leftists to carry their banner of stupidity even higher.