New Dem Poster Boy Is a Drug Dealing Felon Who Killed a Young Woman


The drug dealing felon who murdered Kate Steinle was deported five times and he is the new sympathetic poster boy for wronged illegal aliens everywhere. Jose Zarate has a long rap sheet, but in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, he was protected until he murdered an innocent 32-year old woman. He is still being protected by his leftist lawyers who are now suing on his behalf.

Jose is suing the federal government for malicious prosecution. The claim is the charges were “vindictive and unfair.” The lawyers don’t want him to spend 10 years in prison. [Are they afraid it will hurt his drug business?]

Zarate says he’s a victim because they are out to get illegal aliens.

“The true federal interest in pursuing this prosecution is to punish and make an example out of Mr. Garcia-Zarate for his high-profile acquittal in state court,” the motion read. “This prosecution seeks to demonstrate to any high-profile defendant, especially one that is an undocumented immigrant, that their successful exercise of due process rights will not be respected and will result in the heavy hammer of a federal prosecution.”

Their ultimate goal is to attack the President and Attorney General Sessions.

“Almost immediately after the death of Ms. Steinle, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump began to use Mr. Garcia-Zarate as the symbol of the dangers of illegal immigrants and the need for a wall between the United States and Mexico,” the filing said.

Lawyers even claimed that Trump “maligned the verdict on Twitter, stating: ‘A disgraceful verdict in the Kate Steinle case! No wonder the people of our Country are so angry with Illegal Immigration.’”

They also criticized Sessions in the filing.

One of his attorneys is the far-left J. Tony Serra once went to jail for refusing to pay taxes over his anti-war beliefs. He has represented extremists from Huey Newton to the Hell’s Angels. He’s an activist of the left.

How revolting the leftists and their useful idiots are. They don’t even try to hide what they are. Choosing a creature like Jose as their poster boy exposes the depths of their depravity.

It coincides with their view that foreigners, even violent drug dealers, are more important than American citizens and legal residents.

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