New Democrat Icon Mitt Romney Prepares to Unseat Donald Trump


The new hero of the left and far-left, Mitt Romney, is being regaled on the pages of The Atlantic for his latest disgusting rant against President Trump. He’s a vile human being.

“The gentleman from Utah,” they wrote, decided to “unload” to the [leftist] reporter.

Mitt ripped the President’s moral character and then segued into Stormy Daniels. This next excerpt shows he will become James Madison on the floor of the Senate:

Instead, Romney has emerged as an outspoken dissident in Trump’s Republican Party. In just the past few weeks, he has denounced the president’s attempts to solicit dirt on political rivals from foreign governments as “wrong and appalling”; suggested that his fellow Republicans are looking the other way out of a desire for power; and condemned Trump’s troop withdrawal in Syria as a “bloodstain on the annals of American history.”

Trump has responded with a wrathful procession of personal attacks—deriding Romney as a “pompous ass,” taunting him over his failed presidential bid in 2012, and tweeting a cartoonish video that tags the senator as a “Democrat secret asset.”

These confrontations have turned Romney into one of the most closely watched figures in the impeachment battle now consuming Washington. While his fellow Republicans rail against “partisan witch hunts” and “fake whistle-blowers,” Romney is taking the prospect of a Senate trial seriously—he’s reviewing The Federalist Papers, brushing up on the parliamentary procedure, and staying open to the idea that the president may need to be evicted from the Oval Office.

There you have it, the vengeful pompous ass is planning to push impeachment. He thinks he will sound like a Founding Father on the floor of the Senate. The man is mad.

Egomaniacal Romney thinks he’s a historical figure while pretending he doesn’t think he’s one.

“I don’t look at myself as being a historical figure,” he hastens to add, “but I do think these are critical times. And I hope that what I’m doing will open the way for people to take a different path.”

Impeachment is his big historical moment in his mind.

Romney is a perfectly despicable human being.



  1. A legend in his own mind a despicable traitor who would unleash the the Communist horde upon this country just to feed his pompous arrogant, empty soul.

    • He is absolutely a traitor to our president, his country, to his family and to himself. No one will trust him again. If I lived in UTAH, he wouldnt get voted in. Id work to keep him out. We dont need people like ROMNEY WHO LIES AND ISNT TRUE TO HIS FELLOW REPS. THE REPS ARE A DANGEROUS GROUP, ALWAYS LOOKING FOR THE EASY WAY OUT.

    • It appears that Romney used Utah because of his religion, and knew the state could not recall him. It was a perfect place to launch his hate Trump offensive. There were other decent republicans wanting the senate post in Utah, but China Mitch and his gang of RINOs chose Romney because they hate Trump too.

    • Unfortunately, this ass has almost 5 more years before he is up for re-election. I can’t believe the good folks of Utah didn’t see through this “carpetbagger’s” bull-shit. Was singing a different tune when he begged for the President’s endorsement, and support, during his campaign. He has a severe case of sour grapes, as he can’t believe that Donald J. Trump was elected President, and he couldn’t pull it off against, wait for it, Barrack Hussein Obama, the worst Prez in history.

    • The people of Utah ARE ashamed for being literally tricked into voting for a trojan horse candidate. He will be a one term politician. Maybe this is why he is fighting so hard, he knows that time is short.

      • This is what RINO’s do. Run on the Republican ticket and then switch.. the junior senator will not be voted in again by Utah. Unfortunately that is a ways off. (Bet the Mormon’s have kicked him out) Sort of like Glenn Beck;)

  2. I want this loser out of the Republican party. If he ever runs again for President, I’m done with the Republicans. We need winners, not losers.

    • Party leaders are no better than Romney, just less envious and bitter. They oppose Trump. China Mitch is still investigating Trump for Russia ties, and has not investigated the coup at all.

  3. In 2012 I could have gone to the Voting Polls and voted for Romney against “The Kenyan” but I stayed home. Why? Because in my Heart I knew he was just as bad as “The Kenyan”.

  4. Romney is as despicable as Hillary Clinton, Obama, Kerry, Nadler, Biden, Schiff, Holder, Pelosi, Schumer –
    (And the list of the corrupt leftists goes on … ), and the granddaddy of all of these contemptible leftist POC — old George Soros. What is this reprehensible man, Mitt, so afraid of with his holier than thou attitude? The fact that he himself is part of the swamp – he’s afraid that he will be exposed for the fraud he has always been. Trump being elected POTUS is the best thing to happen for this Nation and at exactly the right time; this sanctimonious charlatan, Romney, can’t stand that we want Trump’s leadership and not his. Romney is acting out because he is seriously worried that he is going to be found out — that people will see that this guy is not the altar boy he professes to be & that he is not far removed from Biden. Biden’s son had company where he worked — Kerry, Pelosi and Romney’s sons right there with Hunter Biden. Utah Republicans were duped by this man and a recent poll of Utah Republicans showed that a majority would want to recall their votes for Romney but Utah does not allow recalls. He shamefully misled the Republican voters in Utah for the sole reason of getting in the Senate to do what he can to dismantle Trump’s Presidency. And let’s not forget that Romney went to Trump for donations for his multiple runs for office and gladly took Trump’s money. He also, after going on TV talk shows to bad mouth then Presidential candidate and nominee, Trump, went to President-elect Trump to ask to be Sec. of State & was, of course, turned down. So what we are seeing is the wrath and vindictiveness and entitlement of Romney along with the concern that his swamp history will also be exposed.

  5. Wow, the more I see Mitt the sh*t talk about impeaching President Trump the more I am glad I didn’t vote for this rino. Thank God I was able to write Ron Paul in during the general elections in 2012 because this traitor would not have been any better than Obama. Perhaps even worse.

  6. I have a total disrespect for this guy. Remember when he put his pooch on top of his 4-wheel drive because of lack of space. Romney is a pompous egocentric animal abuser and should have been prosecuted as an animal abuser. Since he treats his dog in such a despicable way should one be surprised that he does the same thing to his fellow Republicans?
    Get lost Romney, shame on you.

  7. Can’t recall a DC senator. Against the law. Must defeat him in 5 years. Chances are, he won’t run again. Voters in Utah didn’t want him, but he belongs to an elite monied cabal and had Sen. Hatch’s blessing with Hatch’s 36 year old political machine. Romney has the lowest rating of all the Utah DC representatives. He is so stupid that he had become a useful idiot for the Soros cabal as they stroke his ego.

    • It was better when Senators served at the pleasure of State Legislatures and could be removed. Thanks Woodrow Wilson for the progressive change for the worse.

  8. AKA “Pierre Delecto” in his secret lurker account, referenced in his Atlantic interview and later outed, the man is experiencing mental problems. He is a sad spectacle and a danger to the Republic.

  9. Romney is nothing more than a spineless, backstabbing RINO. Time to castigate him from the GOP. He is a treasonous dem in his heart, time to make him a real commie/dem.

  10. Romney (the worst “Republican” Presidential candidate in history) somehow thinks that if he can get Trump out of the office, America will rise up as one and demand that he, (Romney), once again run for President.

  11. Pierre Delecto and Hillary should run as a team on the “Losers Party” ticket.
    Theme: “Our Loss is the Nation’s Gain”

  12. Romney was commandeered by Candy Crowley. He is a boat without a rudder and paddles, drifting in the sea of leftism. The Mormons will vote him down.

  13. Let’s just get straight what Mitt is. The usurious ones created freemasonry, which created Mormonism. So, that is the pecking order. Mitt is beholden and no different than a traitorous freemason. All swampies. No difference between sharia, judea, freemasonic or mormon law when it comes to incest, wife and child sharing, or “honor” killings aka “blood of atonement” in mormonism. Face it folks. You don’t want a mormon for POTUS unless you are beholden yourself. If you are, then may your secret evasion of mind that is your true faith in Jesus Christ Yeshua Messiah bind and cast out what prompted you to stray and forgive you and restore your soul and spirit. MAGA.

  14. Can’t wait for President Trump to start ridiculing him by calling him Pierre Delecto (his secret Twitter feed that is virulently anti- Trump and filled with hatred). Have to wonder what running mate Paul Ryan’s secret Twitter handle is…..

  15. All it took for me was meeting Romney once to know the man is brain dead or taking one of Utah’s favorite drugs – antidepressants which knock out the brain & allow the body to continue moving as if you are conscious while brain waves demonstrate a total anesthetic sleep state & dreaming while they carrying on a conversation!!!! This also explains Rosie O’Donnell’s in-flight processes & most likely AOC, Nancy Pelosi, & Adam Shiff since they all have “Prozac eyes”!

  16. Thanks loads spell check! What that said before it was “corrected” by spell check was … This also explains Rosie O’Donnell’s unconcious thought processes & most likely would include AOC, Nancy Pelosi, & Adam Shiff since they all have “Prozac eyes”!

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