New Armed Palestinian Guards in Jerusalem: This Is Low Even for Our Administration


h/t Herb Richmond

Palestinian guards at the American consulate in Jerusalem are being armed by the U.S. in violation of a 2011 agreement with Israel. Three Israeli guards quit over it.

armed guards

Photo of armed guards via Bare Naked Islam. They also have more on the story.

What would one expect from a lawless, vindictive administration.

The consulate’s chief security officer, Dan Cronin, made the decision to hire and arm them.

They will mostly serve as escorts for diplomats – can you imagine? Anyone remember Ambassador Stevens?

The guards will operate out of six US facilities in Jerusalem.

In 2011, Israel gave the consulate approval to keep about 100 guns for its security guards, but only if they’re American diplomats or Israelis who served in the army. They have employed guards but didn’t arm them before now.

Cronin is thought to be an anti-Semite who doesn’t want Israelis in the consulate.

Some of the Palestinian guards have been said to be arrested in the past for throwing stones, or have relatives who were convicted of terrorist activity.

Maybe we can get the Libyan guards who protected the Benghazi consulate. They were very effective.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Israelis see Cronin as building an armed Palestinian militia.

According to ynet news, “The consul general is a Palestinian who served time in Israeli prison because of membership in the PLO. Another employee is related to one of the leaders of Hamas in Jerusalem, Mohammed Hassan Abu Tir, who has served numerous sentences in Israel’s penal system.”

For their part, the consulate statement said they have faith in their employees, they coordinate with local authorities and they don’t discuss their delegation.

Are these Americans creeps or what? This is low even by Obama’s standards.


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