Imperfect People Best Not Become Ill


“Recently, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer received a lot of media attention when she proposed fines and other financial punishment for overweight citizens and smokers on Medicaid. Others targeted by such programs include diabetics who fail to follow instructions from their physicians on treatment of their diseases. Other states are headed in the same direction.

I remember a few years ago a network news anchor reading a story on the cost of obesity and the controls that must be imposed on those who inflict our medical system by being overweight. With a tone of scathing moral superiority, he declared that “the rest of us will have to pay for it.” A few weeks later, a diagnosis of lung cancer unfortunately forced him permanently off the air after decades of smoking. But he had voiced one of the two key propaganda tools by which the government destroys our individual rights in health care.

The first tool is guilt. Patients must be morally disarmed by convincing them- not of their own responsibility for their health-but of their guilt. You may not make your own decisions because you eat too much, or too many trans-fats, or too much salt, or too many sodas. You recklessly smoke, or drink alcohol or coffee, or use drugs. You don’t exercise enough or drive safely. Therefore you must accept your guilt and do what you are told.

That is the opposite of taking individual responsibility and facing consequences.

The second tool is to disable your judgment and your mind. Neither you nor your physicians are capable of making correct medical decisions. Only the government knows the effective treatment and hence the drugs and medical equipment to permit. Who are you to know what is best? Politicians, not physicians, have become the ultimate source of wisdom in health care.

The clear implication of such decrees is that physicians must become enforcers who turn in their patients to the government for failure to follow medical instructions.”

Source: Capitalism Magazine, Science section, Why Illness Has Become a Crime


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