New Horror Video with StemExpress Executive Laughing About Intact Fetuses (Babies)


Cate Dyer is the youngersister of  Charlotte Ivancic, the health policy director to Speaker John Boehner. She is the CEO of StemExpress and is on the last Center for Medical Progress video joking rather heartlessly about intact babies.

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) put out a new video – a brief trailer – on Friday after LA Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell ruled that CMP had First Amendment rights to release a video taken covertly of StemExpress executives discussing the purchasing of aborted baby body parts. Also discussed were intact fetuses with some evidence that they were alive when they were harvested.

Cate Dyer

In the trailer, a StemExpress CEO, Cate Dyer, jokes about receiving fully intact aborted babies from Planned Parenthood. She laughs over lunch about the shock of lab workers when they open the box and find an intact dead baby.

“Oh, yeah, if you have intact cases, which we’ve done a lot, we sometimes ship those back to our lab in its entirety.”

“Tell the lab it’s coming; they’ll open the box and go, ‘Oh, my God!”

You hear the words “intact case” in the video. It means an “intact abortion.”

StemExpress tried to stop the publication of more videos and Judge O’Donnell had issued a temporary restraining order keeping CMP from releasing videos of StemExpress employees.

That has been rescinded.


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