New Info on TX Serial Bomber, “I’m a Psychopath”


In a recorded cell phone statement, Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt said: “I wish I were sorry but I am not” for the deadly attacks, according to a CBS News source.

There is more information. We have already been told that during the more than 25-minute statement, Conditt described himself as a “psychopath”. He said he feels as though he has been disturbed since childhood.

Best Evidence We Have

US Congressman Michael McCaul said, “I think the best evidence we have at this point in time is the confession itself … He did refer to himself as a psychopath.” […] “It’s hard to imagine someone whose mind is so sick that they could commit bombings like this and feel absolutely no remorse.”

McCaul added there did not appear to be anything in Conditt’s confession “that was sort of racially motivated”. He added it was “still part of the ongoing investigation”.

The first several bombing victims, including the two who died, were either African-American or Hispanic.

Other victims were random and white.

Conditt blew himself up last Wednesday when police closed in.

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