New Information on Agents Strzok, Page Discussing Classified Info on Unsecured Phones


No wonder FBI Agent Strzok went to great lengths to find Hillary innocent although she clearly put national security at risk. Agents Strzok and Page did the same thing. These two still work for the FBI and have security clearances. Strzok’s in human resources.

Only in the US government can someone do what Strzok did and get moved to Human Resources where he can help hire more just like him and have a say over other employees.

They Admit It In Text Messages

Sara Carter reported, “the couple frequently used their private iMessage apps to discuss work and in one case texted about transmitting classified information on the unsecure chat medium, according to the troves of newly released texts last week.”

The text messages were sent over unsecured Samsung phones.

These two alleged lovers were sending tens of thousands of text messages for months and there are five months of messages Congress has not seen. Undoubtedly, they did it other times.

We do know from a previous report of the Strzok-Page texts that they violated the rules by bringing their cell phones into a Secure Compartmented Information Facility. That is where the most sensitive secret material is kept. Strzok texted Page from the facility many times. That alone is reason enough to fire him, but he is still with the FBI, working in Human Resources.



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