NEW!!! James O’Keefe Releases Another Embarrassing Video


CNN is having another incredibly bad week, beginning with their blackmail scandal. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, piled on a short while ago with a new video. It’s well-deserved.

Jimmy Carr of CNN thinks Fox News is truly foolish to cover a CNN producer calling voters “stupid as sh*t”. They don’t understand why anyone is talking about Van Jones saying the Russia story is a “nothing burger” after they spent the last six months falsely claiming Trump was in collusion with Putin.

CNN employees are arrogant and disconnected from reality.

One thing we can agree with is their views of Chris Cuomo. They don’t like him. He is the brother of the horrible governor of New York! We feel your pain!

If you go on this link, you can listen to Chris Cuomo talk about how communism lifts people up.

CNN’s journalists are too lazy to follow up on anything. They pull things off the Internet and post them.

Also, there is a toxic culture at CNN of constant Trump bashing. How do you trust people like this?

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