New Jersey Woman Running for US House Seat in Alaska Has Never Been There


A woman who lives in New Jersey and has never been to the state of Alaska is running in the Democratic primary for Congress from Alaska.

She does have a very nice photo of Alaska on her website however.

Alaska, from Hafner’s website

In addition to not living in the state, she will not be campaigning in the state.

Well, that’s understandable, it’s too far!

She has a South Dakota address at a mail-drop location popular with RVers, according to the Associated Press.

The 64-year old Hafner wants “to do good in a place that I feel a kinship for.”

“Don’t lock me out just because I’m not a homeboy,” she implored. “You ought to be thankful that I care enough and I’m interested enough and passionate enough to want to make things better. I’m certainly permitted to do what I have done.”

She might have gotten the idea from her son, Eric, also of New Jersey, who failed in his bid to win as a Democrat in an Oregon U.S. House primary this year.

Hafner told the AP her son also ran unsuccessfully in the Republican primary for a House seat in Hawaii two years ago. [Republicans in Hawaii are moderate Democrats]


  1. The overwhelming majority of elected/appointed officials in New Jersey may be physically present at times but have proven they are “not there” mentally most of the time.

  2. Nothing more than someone looking to weasel their way into DC – looking for the easiest path, or path of least resistance. Once there, they know they will leave, even if it’s after 1 term, with pockets loaded, a pension, and healthcare. All of it top-notch & all of it paid for by you & me.

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