New Jersey’s Far-Left Governor Murphy Destroys the Circus


First, it was the horses pulling carriages in Central Park, then it was the killer whale in Sea World, and then the elephants had to be banned in circuses. New Jersey is taking it further and banning all wild animals in circuses.

Who would go to a circus without the wild animals? It’s the death knell for the fun family entertainment courtesy the lefty loons.

According to The Hill, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed legislation Friday that made his state the first in the nation to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling acts.

The legislation, also known as “Nosey’s Law,” is named after a 36-year-old African elephant with arthritis that was forced to travel across the country, including New Jersey, for touring circus acts while also suffering abuse, the governor’s office said in a press release.

The law is ridiculous. The animals are fine, and animals do get arthritis. If this one animal was treated badly, then address that, don’t destroy everything.

Murphy is very extreme in all areas. He makes Peta proud with this leftist law. The madmen at Peta are behind this. That crazy organization elevates animals to the level of humans or above.

“I am proud to sign ‘Nosey’s Law’ and ensure that New Jersey will not allow wild and exotic animals to be exploited and cruelly treated within our state,” Murphy said in a statement. “These animals belong in their natural habitats or in wildlife sanctuaries, not in performances where their safety and the safety of others is at risk.”

New York City bans exotic animals in traveling acts, and Illinois bans elephants.

Going to the circus is excellent family entertainment, but leftists ruin everything they touch. They don’t seem to like wholesome, traditional activities.

The zoos will be next.

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