New Law Will Punish Employers Who Hire Illegal Aliens, Open Up Jobs for Americans


A new proposed law, The Legal Workforce Act, will punish employer who hire illegal aliens.

In an op-ed for The Hill, House Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) explained how his bill would be a game-changer in the fight against illegal immigration.

The measure will mandate the use of E-Verify for all employers, making it impossible for employers to hire illegal aliens. Employers will no longer be able to play dumb.

The risk of violating the law would not be worth whatever rewards they get for hiring them. As a result, millions of jobs would be made available to unemployed Americans.

One-third of American jobs are currently protected by E-Verify. The program is free and easy plus it’s available on smart phones. It takes about two minutes. Individuals give their Social Security number when they go to doctors, open a bank account or buy a home so why shouldn’t businesses also be able to check the numbers?

Under this measure, employers use E-Verify to check work eligibility of new hires. They can voluntarily check if they do not mean to discriminate.

It provides a check for citizenship.

It would be phased in.




Penalties increase over violations but the E-Verify gives them she harbor. There are criminal penalties for employers and employees who engage in or facilitate identity theft.

Currently, there is no punishment for identity theft by illegal aliens.

It will help reduce the numbers of illegal economic migrants but it won’t help with the drug cartels and welfare recipients.  California currently spends nearly 20 percent of its state budget caring for illegals.



Some come to get away from the gangs which California openly allows in and protects in their sanctuary state.

Illegal open borders must be stopped or we are not a country which is what the hard-left is hoping for.

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

For this, I am willing to pay higher prices for fruits and vegetables currently picked by illegal aliens.