New Letter! Mrs. Ford Could Be Preparing to Skip Out of the Hearing


Mitch McConnell gave a fiery speech on the floor of the Senate today and it made her new Clinton-Obama tied lawyer Michael Bromwich so angry he shot off an angry letter, making new demands. Bromwich is also Andrew McCabe’s lawyer.

He’s infuriated about the speech and the “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” the Senate hired to interview both the accuser and the accused. That’s rich since she has very expensive radical operatives working for her.

She wants everything to be “fair” so she went out and hired radical left-wing lawyers.

The letter is addressed to Senator Grassley, the Chair of the Senate Judiciary and it addresses an email sent by the Judiciary’s representative, Mike Davis.

Senator McConnell’s references to “Dr. Ford’s experience as a ‘smear campaign'” angered Mr. Bromwich, along with McConnell’s statement that there is “a complete lack of evidence.”

There isn’t any evidence.

Bromwich is angry that the FBI isn’t investigating Judge Kavanaugh — again — for the seventh time.

He also seems to think the Senate hiring an “experienced sex crimes prosecutor” violates their constitutional obligations and creates a “circus” atmosphere. Bromwich wants to interview the prosecutor by tomorrow.

Bromwich had other complaints, most notably, all demands have not been addressed.

Anyone think Mrs. Ford intends to show up? Is this just another way to delay?



  1. The Attorney doesn’t ‘like’ the image of a ‘cross-examination’, although the charge leveled by their client DID level a charge that constitutes a criminal act and therefore should be treated as such. The Motivation may be ‘political in nature’ but the specifics are ‘criminal in nature’.

  2. Divert and delay. Kavanaugh’s testified under oath as has everyone mentioned as witnesses….except Ford. Time to get off the side show merry go round.

  3. The republicans will never hold Feinstein accountable for what she has done. It was a cheap, dirty, self serving smear. She deserves strong and public rebuke. Republicans are enablers by allowing this situation to get out of control from minute one. This problem never goes away with the present republican “leaders”.

  4. “The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it; ignorance may deride it; malice may distort it; but there it is.” ~ Prime Minister Winston Churchill

    The U.S. Congress has neither the authority nor the responsibility to determine whether or not a crime has been committed or who committed it. Congress does have power to find individuals in contempt of Congress and to have the sergeant-at-arms arrest and lock up those who obstruct the work of Congress. Panic is setting in now for Ford.

    In the upcoming plan to hear Ford, rules of Congress apply. Neither Ford nor any high-priced lawyer representing her gets to demand that Congress coddle her, neither SHOULD Congress coddle her. Too much is at stake.

    Ford and her attorneys opened this can of worms, now they will have to live with the consequences.

    Let them eat cake!

  5. Mitch McConnell’s speech may have opened the door for Ford, Dems and her attorneys to pull off a stunt to get what they wanted in the past, (kavanaugh testifies first) they will say Ford has declined to testify because of the doubt of a fair and respectful hearing given what Mitch McConnell said “smear campaign” “a complete lack of evidence.” so Kavanaugh testifies Thursday, then miraculously Ford has the guts to testify,if Grassley denies their stunt, the media and Demorats heads will explode, I wouldn’t put this past them!!!!!!!

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