New NFL Policy on Low Attendance! Just Put a Tarp Over Empty Seats!


If a game isn’t sold out, the TV networks won’t broadcast it. The NFL owners might change the blackout policy.

Covering seats as the Jaguars are now doing – or at least shrinking the number needed to avoid a television blackout – is on the verge of becoming league policy, reported.

The owners will vote June 21 on a proposal to allow teams to shrink their blackout number by 15 percent.

If this is league policy, doesn’t that mean they are all in trouble?

NFL week 12 shows they are down 20% for the season and advertisers are expected to lose a half billion dollars.

Bad teams will be in the most trouble. Do people really want to see the 49ers?


  1. Using pure logic, we can assume that people who are offended by the anti-Anthem Protests by players are in fact, Patriotic. Patriotic people by nature, are also people who stand on principle. Hence, a person who stands on principle simply isn’t going to support a sport which allows the players to take a knee. If you take a knee, the fans will take a hike. And they have!

  2. Please keep up the boycott and show the mental midgets of the nfl that they missed a golden opportunity to talk about personal responsibility and accountability for ALL YOUTH. Then they could further and talk about the breakdown of the family without a strong father figure to raise the kids.

    • Those talks would be the only honest talks that would change anything. Not ‘white oppression,’ but black responsibility: women having children they can’t and don’t support, and men fathering children that they abandon. This is the talk no one on the left brings up — and the policies of the government that further the black dependence on welfare and crush individual initiative and responsibility.

      Yes, let the boycott continue, until the NFL is a second-rate form of entertainment, if it’s anything at all. To millions, it no longer exists. And life is better without it.

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