New NYC Law Will Put Non-Unionized Car Washes Out of Business



New York City’s leftist mayor Bill de Blasio has signed legislation that will put non-unionized car washes out of business.

He signed legislation to require car washes across the city to obtain licenses and purchase surety bonds in order to operate.

The bill will require car washes to meet strict environmental standards and safety requirements. Car washes rarely have problems according to the city Department of Environmental Protection and both environment and safety are already monitored by Occupational Safety and Health Administration and state Department of Labor among a host of other agencies.

The legislation was primarily written by Make the Road New York, a powerful nonprofit being paid by the retail workers union RWDSU to organize the car-wash industry.

Doesn’t this seem a bit corrupt?

Non-unionized owners are being told to obtain a $150,000 bond to cover claims and labor violations while unionized car washes are told they only need a $30,000 bond.

The Association of Car Wash Owners, Inc., represented by Steve Rotlevi, a Brooklyn-based car wash owner called the new law “extortion.”

“Mr. Mayor, simply said, this bill puts a gun to small business owners’ heads and says, ‘unionize or go out of business,’” said Rotlevi, during the mandatory hearing before the mayor can sign the bill. “Mr. Mayor, if that’s not extortion, I don’t know what is.”

De Blasio let him talk, said “thank you” and arrogantly walked to his desk to sign the bill. The man and his viewpoint were irrelevant.

Melissa Mark-Viverito, a shadowy leftist, introduced the legislation. Her original proposal, which she introduced two years ago prior to becoming speaker, would have required a $300,000 bond. After negotiations, the Council settled for half of the amount.

“We have told the Council and surety bond industry experts have told the Council that these small weather-contingent businesses will not be able to qualify or afford a surety bond in excess of $50,000,” Scott Cantone, a spokesman for the association said.

The message is clear. De Blasio doesn’t care. He has an agenda.

Sources: Capital New York and Crain’s NY

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