New poll shows Americans becoming unnecessarily concerned about the economy


A new poll shows that for the first time in President Donald Trump’s first term, more Americans think the economy is growing worse than think it’s good.

There is no basis in fact to support this fear but it does reflect the power of the hysterical media, if the poll is accurate.

The Quinnipiac University poll found that 37 percent of Americans responded that the economy was deteriorating, 6 percentage points more than the 31 percent who said the economy was getting better.

Another 30 percent said the forecast for the economy was holding steady in the poll released Wednesday.

The media took one moderate indicator suggesting possible problems and cried recession. Indeed a former Federal Reserve member and pundit Bill Maher are praying for a recession to get rid of Trump.

This isn’t a good sign for Trump’s re-election if the media and dishonest politicians can convince people a good economy is a bad economy.

There is one warning sign, however, for the longterm, our interest on debt has reached 110% of the GDP. The only one talking about lowering the spending is Trump. He said that would be his goal in his second term. Literally, no one else is talking about it and Democrats want to spend trillions on outlandish programs that will hasten the destruction of the U.S. economy.

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