New Poll: Trump Wins, Gets 30% of Hispanic Vote, 25% Blacks – I’m Serious


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National polls have found that 71 percent of Americans feel we are going in the wrong direction. That fact seems to be showing up in the latest polls.

Forget everything you’ve ever known about polls and U.S. elections, and look at the latest Survey USA Election Poll.

In a direct match up, Trump beats Hillary 45 percent to 40 percent.

Even more fantastical, Trump gets 25% of the black vote and 30% of the Hispanic vote. Trump has said he will get the Hispanic vote.

If this is accurate, it might be safe to say that the wave of disgust towards politics as usual hits all races.

Trump beats out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) by 44 percent to 40 percent; Vice President Joe Biden by 44 percent to 42 percent; and former Vice President Al Gore by 44 percent to 41 percent.

In June, a CNN/ORC sampling found 59 percent supported Clinton to 34 percent for Trump. In July, it was Clinton 57 percent and Trump 38 percent. In August, it was Clinton 52 percent and Trump 43 percent.

So much for Trump being a buffoon, a clown, a flip flopper and whatever else they’ve thrown at him. Whatever attacks they launch seem to make him stronger. His sense of humor certainly helps him. Hillary tries to be funny and act the part of a kindly Granny but instead, she comes off as mean Granny.

So much for his supporters only being low information voters. We are definitely getting into informed voter numbers here.

People might get tired of Trump, but maybe not. He is attracting people from both parties at this point.

Respondents believe Trump will be the nominee. Former Governor Jeb Bush came in second followed by Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio.

The poll surveyed 1,000 adults across the nation Sept. 2-3, and it had a margin of error of 3.3 percent. That was before he got confused or misheard Kurds for Quds during an interview with Hugh Hewitt.

Trump was unhappy with the interview with Hewitt but Hewitt wasn’t unhappy with him and would like to get him back on his show.

The firm is SurveyUSA, not Gallup or Rasmussen, however, the New York Times’ Nate Silver wrote in 2010 that SurveyUSA and Quinnipiac University produced more reliable results in Senate and gubernatorial races with Internet and YouGov showing strong results as well.

There will soon be another flurry of polls which might shed more light but isn’t this setting a trend of some sort?

Hillary is obviously turning things upside down as her shady dealings and lack of regard for national security become undeniable. Her closest rival in the primary is a communist. When we go to the Republican side, we see that those in the lead are non-traditional, outsider candidates.

People are not going along with D.C., their parties, their traditions, the rules, and there is a reason for that. It could be they’ve had enough with corruption and unfulfilled promises. They vote and nothing happens.

It could be people are looking for a strong leader and are willing to put up with a lot of shortcomings if need be.

It doesn’t take astute political intelligence to figure out that people are on to Washington and they’ve had enough.

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  1. I’ve got a secret. The percentage of Blacks intending to vote for The Donald is higher than 25%. After Obama, even more so than before, Blacks keep their true political intentions to themselves and yes, has been and are dissatisfied with obama. Not because of what he didn’t do for them, but because of what he hasn’t done for U.S. citizens in general. Most Blacks feel that if a president just does what’s truly best for all U.S. citizens, they’ll get their share out of it. Never once during obama’s time in office has any discernible U.S. Black grouping asked him for anything that can be construed as Black-centric. He took full advantage of that fact and did nothing for them and his legacy in our Black communities has been spoiled irreparably as a result. I don’t agree with him on a number of things, but I believe The Donald can and will win the presidency and I plan on helping him do it with my vote. All he has to do in return is stick to and do what he’s said he’ll do about illegal immigration, pulling back and renegotiating all those very bad trade agreements like NAFTA and the like, as well as getting U.S. foreign policy out of the business of regime change around the world and stopping Foreign and pretend-domestic Parasites from conning this great nation’s government officials into making it the world police and having our tax dollars pay for it!!!! That’s all.

  2. I’m not necessarily a ‘single issue’ voter. But if there is any single issue of which we need Donald Trump in the White House, the ‘immigration,’ ‘refugee’ fiasco should be the deciding factor. If the influx of immigrants isn’t stopped, like right now, we aren’t going to have to worry about anything but defending ourselves.
    I posted the following over at C & H but will direct you to where I got it …

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