New Report of Really Gross Allegations About Matt Lauer, NBC Had to Know


“He couldn’t sleep around town with celebrities or on the road with random people … so he’d have to do it within his stable, where he exerted power, and he knew people wouldn’t ever complain,” a former NBC producer says of Matt Lauer.

Caveat: These are still allegations and Matt Lauer has not yet responded.

Matt Lauer is said to have once given a colleague a sex toy as a present while co-host of NBC’s Today show. It included an explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her, which left her mortified.

At another time, he summoned a different female employee to his office, and then dropped his pants, showing her his penis. After the employee declined the opportunity, a shocked Lauer reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act.

Sometimes, he is said to have quizzed female producers about who they’d slept with, offering to trade names. One disgusting game involving men and women in the office was called “fuck, marry or kill.” In this game, he identified the female co-hosts that he’d most like to sleep with.

These accusations are the result of a two-month investigation by Variety who conducted dozens of interviews with staffers – current and former. Three anonymous women described sexual assaults and had people they told at the time confirm with Variety.

This conduct was going on at least since 2014.

Several female employees told Variety they had complained to management about the $25 million a year NBC star without results. This flies in the face of NBC’s statement today claiming that they only received one complaint in 20 years.

Lauer’s show was rated Number One and that could be why they didn’t notice the complaints.

The allegations were so severe and there is such a spotlight on the issue that NBC was forced to act.

Despite being married – for how much longer we don’t know – Lauer was said to be fixated on women, especially their bodies and looks, according to more than 10 accounts from current and former employees. He was known for making lewd comments verbally or over text messages. He once said made a suggestive reference to a colleague’s performance in bed and compared it to how she was able to complete her job, according to witnesses to the exchange.

“There were a lot of consensual relationships, but that’s still a problem because of the power he held,” says a former producer who knew first-hand of these encounters.

His pattern was to lure and seduce young employees much as Weinstein did.

According to producers, Lauer — who had considerable editorial clout over which stories would ultimately air on “Today”— would frequently dismiss stories about cheating husbands.

Lauer had a button by his desk that he could press to give him privacy for his sexual indiscretions without interference. One producer said he couldn’t pick up women while out in the field, so the women at work became his targets.

Lauer’s perv booker was fired earlier this month for gross behavior and that put a light on Lauer’s misbehavior.

In September, hypocrite Lauer asked Fox News star anchor Bill O’Reilly if he’d ever sent lewd text messages to colleagues. “Think about those … women and what they did,” Lauer said. “They came forward and filed complaints against the biggest star they at the network they worked at. Think about how intimidating that must have been. Doesn’t that tell you how strongly they felt about you?”


Yashar Ali, a NY Mag and HuffPo reporter, wrote on Twitter that women were terrified of Lauer and are still afraid to come forward.

Ali alleges, “some top executives at NBC were aware of these stories.

“I, and other reporters, have been aware of several women who have come forward privately in the past few months,” Yashar tweeted. “Even before Weinstein. They weren’t willing to go public though…they were terrified of Matt. Matt Lauer put the fear of God into these women. He had relationships with reporters outside NBC that he cultivated just for this purpose. They knew that.”

“Lauer is among the worst I’ve heard about,” Ali continued. “Not in terms of the kind of misconduct but the way in which he manipulated these women into silence. It’s evil, frightening stuff.”

He put the fear of God in them.

Katie Couric, a former co-host with Lauer, is out defending him but listen to what she said in 2012.

After publication, TMZ posted another creepy video with Lauer telling his female co=host to “keep bending over like that”. He also liked her sweater.

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Terry Schuck
Terry Schuck
5 years ago

“Power corrupts. Absolute power absolutely corrupts.” -Lord Acton

5 years ago

I’m more enraged with Ryan and the Congress. They decided that all the members “needed sexual harassment” training. Really? Really?!? You mean to say those who Write the laws Have to be Schooled on what is and is not allowed. If members in their position do not KNOW how to behave then why in hell are they in Congress. A number of these Republicans had the audacity to get in front of that podium and tell us that everyone in their office Will attend this “Training”. Everyone who ADMITS they “need” this training should be summarily Fired. Today. Not Tomorrow. You are too STUPID to be in Congress. You are too Stupid to have a job.

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Excellent comments, Greg.

Not at all to condone Lauer. And as you said, women are far more promiscuous, and use sex willingly, to get what they want, too. Not to blame women. And surely there are promiscuous women who tease, tantalize, and use their sexuality in ways that invite certain behavior from men.

As for needing training on what is, and what is not, sexual harassment? As you said, really? These men, and women, don’t know what sexual harassment is? That is laughable. But they will hurry to have ‘training’ now, and hope to cover up more multitudes of behavior — on both parts. I refuse to hold all women completely innocent. These games go both ways. When you have women dressing in outfits that show all, and leave little to the imagination, they, too, are part of the problem. That doesn’t condone abusive behavior from men. But we should be honest about ALL aspects of this.

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Ryan of course leads from behind, which made him a perfect stooge for Obama. Ryan has proposed no changes or release of information. His idea to train is an idea from some lawyer. Corporations use that training against offending employees in lawsuits. Ryan just wants to make it easier to fire staff while still protecting congressmen, given that the House does not fight abuse nor release information.

5 years ago

We should not overlook the women in many of these cases. At the time I was growing up we would never even use foul language around women. To do so would be an embarrassment since women, and girls, would not appreciate such behavior. It is not so today, and hasn’t been for quite some time.

The most recent example I heard was a clip with Megan Kelly on the Stern show. The details she gave out was nothing but disgusting and they both seemed to think it cute. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard women speak in such vulgarities it would make a sailor blush.

We should also realize that many women today are much much more promiscuous than ever before. So, how many of ALL these women in recent months are no different than the men. There have been many instances in reference to the “casting couch” but there is also another saying in Hollywood, and that is “sleeping their way to the top”.

We hear from many high profile women that “act” as if They are living in the times when “I” was growing up, but do They have a life such as that. When Ashley Judd was at the women’s march did SHE sound like the women back then. The news have made it sound as if All women are innocent of any such behavior. I really doubt this is the case. The Megan Kelly interview shows this is certainly NOT the case. So, how many are Like Megan. In conclusion, would men behave This way if women didn’t in some way encourage it. How many women have admitted they would be willing, if the opportunity arose, to sleep with certain celebrities, such as Clooney, Damon and others. I’ve heard it insinuated by a majority of these high-profile women in media. I can’t count the times “I” was embarrassed by what some women have said, because when I grew up we never ever heard women talk in that way, and it was startling.