New Revelations of Clinton’s Extortion Racket in Haiti


If someone honestly looks at the Clinton cash machine, the Clintons will be in serious legal jeopardy. How they handled themselves in the case of the poor impoverished nation of Haiti after the horrendous events Haitians suffered is deplorable.

Judicial Watch received 508 pages of documents in response to a FOIA lawsuit most of which were too redacted to have meaning, but the 60+ pages remaining revealed brand new serious conflicts of interest between the Hillary Clinton-led State Department and the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, to add to the many already uncovered.

The documents were released as a of a federal court order in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the State Department  three and a half years ago.

An undated, unsigned memo entitled “Private Sector Opportunities for WJC” [William Jefferson Clinton] was in the release. The memo provided capabilities analysis of three companies with major investment interests in Haiti: Tetra Pak, Seaboard, and Cemex. In other words, these are private sector opportunities for the Clintons and the foundation to exploit.

A memo from the Clinton Foundation to the State Department lists nearly 200 then-current and former heads of State to be invited to 2009 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting.

The documents also include a lengthy March 2009 email from Clinton Foundation Director of Foreign Policy Amitabh Desai to former Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro and subsequently forwarded to top Clinton aide Jake Sullivan containing the names of nearly 200 then-current and former heads of state to be invited to the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.

The list includes dignitaries from Saudi Arabia, which gave $14.5 million to the Clinton Foundation; Kuwait, which gave between $5 and $10 million; Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar – all of which donated between $1 and $5 million over the years.  In February 2015, the Washington Post reported, “A third of foundation donors who have given more than $1 million are foreign governments or other entities … and foreign donors make up more than half of those who have given more than $5 million.” (See second document embedded below).

Former president Clinton was traveling the world being overpaid for mundane speeches while his wife was presiding over US foreign policy. He made $48 million during this time period.

The State Department not only stalled the release of the documents, but they also never found the conflicts of interest.

We know from past Judicial Watch releases, other FOIA releases and leaked emails that the Clintons, who oversaw the relief effort, gave many of their donors, including Hillary’s brother, lucrative contracts in Haiti. They built a luxury resort in Haiti and gave a valuable mining contract to the company her brother worked for.

The government of Haiti set up the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) and installed the Haitian Prime Minister and Bill Clinton as co-chairs of the commission’s executive committee. The Haitians soon complained and continue to complain that their opinions were disregarded and that was true.

They are correct.

For example, there was the Haitian Mobile Money Initiative a system developed to allow Haitians to transfer money via cell phones. That contract was awarded to a company called Digicel who earned more than $50 million in Haiti. The company is run by an Irish billionaire who set-up high-paying speeches for Bill Clinton and donated millions of his own money to the Clinton Foundation.

We mentioned Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham. He was on the board of the company that won the gold mine. It had been 50 years since a Haitian mine was turned over to foreigners. They take their resources very seriously and prefer to keep them within Haiti for Haitians.

Caracol Industrial Park was another fiasco that did nothing for Haitians living in trailers and tents. They announced in Haiti with great fanfare at a ceremony which included many American celebrities. The anchor store is a Korean manufacturer who “just happened” to be Clinton supporters.

During the presidential campaign, the former president of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq, told Donald Trump that he had the documentation to prove that the Clintons tried to bribe him in an effort to get his support for the Clinton foundation’s work to defraud the people of Haiti.

A second possible bribery was exposed this past September.  Apparently on Jan. 27, 2011, Clinton Foundation Chief Operating Officer Laura Graham sent an email to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills, voicing concern about a rumor. Ms. Graham had heard that Foggy Bottom was thinking about revoking the U.S. visa of Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive. “WJC will be v unhappy if that’s the case,” Ms. Graham warned Ms. Mills, using the initials of the former president.

Ms. Graham, who was also chief of staff to Mr. Clinton at the foundation, had other reasons to worry. “I’m also staying at [Mr. Bellerive’s] house fyi so exposure in general and this weekend in particular for WJC on this,” she worried.

These people who milked Haiti suffered no consequences. She’s in her house and he has his visa.

Clinton was unethical and it was contrary to what she promised Barack Obama in order to become secretary of state.

The scandals keep coming and there is no election to use as an excuse. She needs to answer for her play-to-play extortion racket and so does her husband, and perhaps her daughter.


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