New Rule Will Allow US to Deport People on Welfare


Tent City USA

The Trump administration is considering reversing long-standing policy to make it easier to deport U.S. legal permanent residents who have used public welfare. This is part of an effort to restrict immigration by people who are not self-sufficient, Reuters reported.

U.S. law allows for the deportation of immigrants who have become “public charges” within five years of admission if the reason for seeking help preceded their entry to the United States. For example, if they had a chronic health condition that was not disclosed, it would make them eligible for deportation.

The DOJ is also looking at requiring foreigners seeking permanent residency status to submit a declaration to an immigration judge that demonstrates their self-sufficiency. The form asks for a detailed listing of assets, income, and debts, among other information.

This draft regulation is an expansion of the category of people who could be deported on the grounds that they use welfare benefits. This possibly includes legal permanent residents [green card holders including refugees] who are determined to be public charges [on the dole].

The draft regulation uses a more expansive definition. It includes some immigrants who have used an array of public benefits, including cash welfare, food stamps, housing aid, or Medicaid.

It is at its early stages but will be subject to lawsuits. The left, the ACLU want to keep the people who come here for welfare. Meanwhile tent cities are popping up and growing throughout our country because we don’t take care of our own.

The Department of Justice has no comment at this time.

Last year, it gave U.S. consular officers more discretion to reject visas for people they believe may become public charges. The number of people refused immigrant visas on public-charge grounds was four times higher in 2018 than in 2017. It is the highest total since 2004.

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