New Shocking McCaskill Video! She Votes Far-Left Missouri!


A second Project Veritas video released Wednesday shows Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill lies to get elected. Once she is in office, she votes far-left. Missourians need to know that.

Today, Project Veritas released Part 2 of a tape showing how dishonest and far-left she is.

McCaskill lies so she doesn’t look too far-left. She wants to look moderate to get elected but she voted for Obama’s agenda every time.

Planned Parenthood hides their donations to McCaskill to fool the voters.

McCaskill accused Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley on Tuesday of planting someone in her campaign in response to an undercover Project Veritas video that revealed her beliefs on the Second Amendment. She accused him of fraud.

“It is startling that Josh Hawley would be part of fraudulently embedding somebody in my campaign. He’s the Attorney General of the state of Missouri. He’s supposed to be going after fraud, not participating in it,” McCaskill stated.

“In fact now I remember that very individual talking to me trying to get me to say, to get me to say something different than what my positions are. And I said no you’ve just got to tell people on the doors it is what it is.”

She’s full of it.


Nothing like McCaskill making herself out to be the victim and ignoring her lies. Nice diversion!

Hawley, her opponent in the race responded on twitter, saying: & staff caught on tape deceiving Missouri voters and her response is to accuse me of fraud? For HER words? Her campaign is unraveling


McCaskill and her staff admitted she lied. “People just can’t know that,” she said. A staffer said, “It’s like we have to lie to get elected.”

She is definitely lying about several things including a ban on semi-automatic weapons and her full-on support for abortion on demand.

One staffer said she can’t say things in pubic because she has a lot of Republican voters, and they don’t look into it, they just don’t.


  1. The Democrats, RINO Republicans, the globalist politicians, the Progressive politicians, the social justice warriors and media in no way can tell the truth because when the American people understand what these people want for America We The People will not vote for these liars!

    • Interesting they keep saying Trump lies??? But are never specific…and if they are specific, a little research shows how they manipulated or doctored a tape or speech. They live a lie because if their followers had ANY brains they would have picked up on their lies, the lies of the mainstream media to cover up or extend the reach of their lies. Hillary accuses the right of wanting to “…destroy what you stand for and care about…” yet she wants to do away with the 2nd Amendment, the Constitution and the Electoral College..the backbone of the Republic…So WHO really IS destroying what you stand for and care about??? She appears to be taking the “knee”…

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