New Study on Greenland and Antarctica Supports Theory of Global Warming – Maybe


Science Recorder reported on a new study, published in the journal Science, that finds the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are disappearing three times faster than twenty years ago. The polar ice melting has caused an increase in sea level. This supports the “theory” of global warming, which most scientists do believe is occurring.

What we don’t know is if it represents the normal changes in the earth, if man is causing it, and if we can change it.

The Recorder reports “Perhaps the most alarming data found by the researchers was in Greenland where the ice was melting an estimated five times the rate it was in the mid-1990s. Melt from Greenland accounted for a whopping two-thirds of the polar ice melt. Due to a slower melt rate, just one-third of the world’s melted ice came from Antarctica, despite being larger in size than Greenland.”

One question not considered by this study of renowned experts, including Erik Ivins of NASA and Andrew Shepherd of the University of Leeds, was whether Antarctica could be growing instead of shrinking. Without an answer to this question and similar questions, one cannot answer with certainty how the ice sheets have changed for certain.

The study will give a basis for future predictions about sea-level rise. Considering the recent Hurricane Sandy as an example of how sea level rise could affect us, even a half-foot rise on the Eastern Seaboard makes it easier for a storm surge to cause flooding.

The scientists believe that global warming is at the core of the problem, trapping greenhouse gases which cause oceans to warm and expand.

Did this happen before? The hockey stick theory was proven bogus and we are back at square one in trying to answer that question. We do know Greenland was reportedly covered in green during the time of Erik the Red.

Erik the Red was exiled in 982 and discovered Greenland during his travels. He gave it its name because it was covered with green land.

He discovered a country with an inviting fjord landscape and fertile green valleys. He was extremely impressed with the new country’s resources and he returned to Iceland to spread the word of “The green land”.

He formed two colonies there. This could be evidence that this melting of ice has happened before. We have sparse records from history now that we know the hockey stick was bogus. Of course, Erik could have been lying, but there is no way to know.

His son, Leif Eriksson, returned to Greenland in 1000 and formed the first church. At the time, there were 3000 inhabitants on about 400 farms. The colonies eventually disappeared and various possibilities have been thrown out as to why – a colder climate, disagreements with the Intuits, overgrazing, disease, pirates, et cetera. [Read more here.]

Many, including Al Gore the finance major turned global-warming fiend, have said that Hurricane Sandy is proof of global warming. I haven’t seen any research yet that proves Hurricane Sandy proves anything.

Sandy was a Category 2 for only a day after it passed over Cuba, it then fluctuated between a tropical storm and a Cat 1 until it hit NJ and NY, where it became a Cat 1. That is not so extraordinary as to be indicative of anything.

Legitimate research is needed but hurricanes like this do hit Long Island every several decades. One such storm devastated the southern end of LI and buried Southampton back in 1938. It was called the “LI Express” and the “Great New England Hurricane.” Surges went from 12 to 25 feet. [NorthShorewx]

Our government wants to put all our money into global warming, making our goods very costly while it will easily be wiped out by China, India, and other countries who are polluting the earth with increased coal facilities. Their goods will be much cheaper than ours and we will not be able to compete. How much do we really want to spend on an uncertain science?

For those of you born pre-1970, do you remember when we were afraid of the coming ice age? That was when people didn’t listen to the extremists:

Surely there is a happy medium?


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