New UN Doom Report! We Must Eat Less Lamb & Beef, End Fossil Fuels


CNN is touting a ‘MAJOR CLIMATE REPORT’ out of the U.N. IPCC, a biased, anti-American organization in the dictator’s club. The scientists are fully politicized.

According to the report, we face catastrophic global warming. The planet is being consumed by humans, they believe. What they don’t tell you is humans occupy less than 3% of the surface of the earth and 95% live on 10% of the landmass.

These ‘scientists’ are the same people who say we only have 12 years to save the planet by abandoning fossil fuels. They made the same claim about 12 years ago.


They are not only after our energy, but they also say we must cut beef and lamb production. These politicized scientists say that we must immediately change the way we manage land, produce food and eat less meat in order to halt the climate crisis.

One hope we have, they say, is planting trees in lieu of farming.

Land use, including agriculture and deforestation, produces almost a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, they can’t prove that’s the problem at all.

We need to stop wasting food and eat less meat according to them.

The IPCC report stresses that food waste and meat consumption will need to be reduced if we want to slash global emissions.

They want to control the forests, wetlands, all land.

The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees

Climate change is threatening food security, they insist.

WWF’s [wacky] global food practice leader Joao Campari told CNN the food system must “urgently” be reformed to avoid catastrophic global warming.

To stave off the worst effects of climate change, humans need to stop converting land and destroying the soil with fertilizers and by cutting down trees, said Campari, adding that we already have enough farmland to feed the global population.

Bioenergy is not the answer, the UN insists. They want to bring us back to pre-industrial levels. So far, our enemies have all shown they will not do any of this.

As if all this won’t make Americans very food and energy insecure, and allow our enemies to conquer us. These people are nuts and not looking out for our interests. The UN is our enemy. And global warming extremists want to control everything we do.

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3 years ago

Kick the UN out of the US. Make them all go home to their 3rd world countries. Problem solved.
Oh, and ignore the faux climate reports. Nothing new, just same ol’ same ol’. Either its cold or its hot. Its natural. Man has no control over it.
Climate is weather. Earth been doing it since forever.
Just sayin’.

Mad Celt
Mad Celt
3 years ago

I had a record number of calves born this year!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Here’s an idea to help halt the CO2 causing climate change. All non US members of the UN including ambassadors go home. Go back to the country where you’re from. Then teleconference to all the meetings and other UN business you need to tend to. And quit flying all over the world going to climate change conferences. Telecommute to those too. And why not, I hear you are shaming the Europeans to quit flying so they can do their part to save the world. Think of all the CO2 that won’t be spewed into the atmosphere from your frequent flying between your country and NYC. Think about all the fossil fuel that won’t be used for those flights. Be among the people you represent, you’ll love it instead of living around all of us decadent Americans. I think it is a good idea and more workable than the communists’ Green New Deal.

3 years ago

To EAT more veggies we’re going to have to GROW more veggies. That’s going to take an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It’s also going to make the human race emit much more methane into the air, thus contributing to even more Global Warming.

Patrick healy
Patrick healy
3 years ago

Stop cutting down trees did they say?
Move here in the Soviet gulag of Britain, we have a power station (supplying up to 25% of our power) which sits on top of a coal steam which contains over 300 years of coal power.
Some years ago our idiot rulers decided to convert it to wood burning and shut down the coal mines.
Now your American trees are being cut down ground down into plellets, shipped over 3000 miles across the Atlantic and burned in the “coal” furnaces.
I know it is an over used cliche, but “you could not make this stuff up” outside of a lunatic asylum.
God bless America and Donald Trump.