New World Order? Hannity Promises Major Scoop, O’Reilly Promises Exposé


Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin brought Fox News’ Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday evening. A suspected coordinated left-wing campaign has been initiated by the likes of Media Matters and BuzzFeed to target Hannity’s advertisers to take him off the air.

There are currently 10 advertisers boycotting Hannity’s show.

Hannity encouraged listeners to go to to fight back against the leftist campaign to silence conservative voices.

Further, he promised an equally devastating scoop and damning evidence with regard to Media Matters President Angelo Carusone, the organization’s finances, and “things said and done” by members of the left-wing organization.

“While we prefer not to be involved in this type of effort, we need to be on equal footing. We will continue to announce the advertisers that finance these efforts and support these hosts who allow lies and conspiracy theories to permeate the airwaves,” he said.

“If Media Matters ceases these type of assaults, we will do the same. Until then, we will list every advertiser that supports hosts like Rachel Maddow, an outright liar, and someone who deceives the public and defames conservatives on a daily basis,” the Media Equalizer website states.

“Fight fire with fire,” Hannity said. “This liberal fascism has to stop.”

Bill O’Reilly also promised an exposé during his first interview with Glenn Beck. Was the New World Order exposed?

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