New York Amnesty Bill Poised to Pass If Senate Turns Democratic


The New York Post reported today that New York will give illegal immigrants many of the same rights as citizens if the Senate turns Democrat.

New York State has a bill in the hopper nicknamed “New York is Home.” It is an amnesty bill for about 3 million illegal immigrants living here.

It would prevent police from releasing any information about them to the federal government unless it’s a criminal warrant unrelated to their illegal status.

The bill would allow illegals to apply for professional licenses and serve on juries.

This won’t limit itself to Hispanics – it’s anyone – from any country – even people from terrorist nations would be included.

If the senate goes to the Democrats in November, it will have a better chance of passing.

It completely undermines the immigration laws of our nation but it is something that Governor Cuomo believes in – violating immigration laws that is. It is what Mr. Obama believes in also. It’s about getting Democratic voters.

Sandanista Bill, New York City’s mayor signed a bill giving illegal immigrants a municipal ID card which is a first step in giving them the same rights as citizens.

Illegal immigrants will be eligible for Medicaid, college tuition, any school tuition, and so on.

Pat Buchanan said on Laura Ingraham’s Show September 8th [correction, originally misstated as Meet the Press] that, “I don’t think that (ISIS) is the threat. I think it’s basically the country breaking up internally and failing as the great nation that it was, and I think there is an awful lot of things that need to be done right here in the United States, and not simply in the economy, to bring us all together and make us one people again, that have nothing to do with what’s going on in Iraq,” Buchanan said.

“It’s going to change the politics of the nations too,” Buchanan said. “People coming into the country that are very poor and lack education, with increasing dependence on government, that’s going to make it virtually impossible for a conservative party that believes in smaller government to ever gain national power.”

We are being overrun by stealth means and it is the Democrats doing it.



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