New York City Hands Out Freebies, No ID Required


Wimpy NYC

New York City is a Socialist mecca where politicians get re-elected by handing out wads of cash without much, if any, accountability.

If you are in New York City, call 311, New York City’s $45 million dollar a year public service call center. It is there that you can find out about the many freebies available to you.

In addition to the 311 phone line, 311 Online provides customers with information and access to City government services.

They give the information in 180 languages because they want to make sure immigrants learn how to live off the welfare state.

One fine program gives children up to age 18 free breakfast and lunch. The best part for the entitled is they don’t even need an ID and they don’t need to show proof of need! There is no accountability whatsoever. It’s just pure entitlement.

There won’t be any waste or fraud in this program I’m sure.

Check out the info from the 311 website:


School is out and free summer meals are in from June 27th to August 30, 2013. That’s right; any child 18 years of age and under can enjoy a free healthy and great tasting breakfast and lunch at hundreds of schools, pools, parks, New York City Housing Authority complexes and other locations around the city. No registration, documentation, or ID is required. Finding a summer meals site is easy. Search for an open site below, call 311 or *text “NYCMEALS” to 877-877 for information about the free breakfast and lunch summer meals program and to locate a convenient site near you.

SchoolFood is pleased to announce that we will be deploying three mobile food trucks this summer. In an effort to reach as many children as possible during the summer, our mobile food trucks will visit beaches and parks throughout the city to handout free delicious and nutritious lunches.

Remember from June 27th to August 30th school is out but free summer meals are in!

This is a good way to get kids up to 18 years of age attuned to the idea of a lifelong entitlement program.


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