New York City Now Has Two Commie Mayors and a Sharpton Advisor


King and Queen of the red apple

King and Queen of the Red Apple, Bill and Chirlane

New York City will soon have two communist mayors instead on only one, that’s one more than the voters elected, but that’s what communists do.

Mayor de Blasio’s communist wife,  Chirlane McCray, wants an office at City Hall to make policy decisions. A portfolio of issues is being put together for her to work on. Illegal immigration is a favorite issue of hers and will likely be in the portfolio.

Other than appearing in ads, it’s hard to know what she did to become co-mayor.

She describes herself as Bill’s “sounding board and partner.”

She also wants to pick a staff and her top choice to head it all up is Rachel Noerdlinger, right-hand woman to Rev. Al Sharpton, a corrupt socialist who should have gone to jail for some of the crimes he has committed.

De Blasio wants her to have an important advisory role, though, if she is going to decide policy, that makes her more of an equal at City Hall.

When Rudy Giuliani was mayor, his then-wife Donna Hanover had an office and staff but she engaged in charitable and social work. McCray-de Blasio will be the first co-mayor.

McCray was a speech writer for another card-carrying statist, David Dinkins.

A Quinnipiac poll shows that only 27% of the voters think the mayor’s wife should have a policy-setting role. Oh well. That’s what you get when you pick a communist who has little regard for the rules as they have been written.

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