California’s Illicit Voting Coming to New York


Governor Cuomo, file photo Governor Mario Cuomo wants to make voting “easier” and has put forth a proposal that will end up making it easier for ineligible voters to cast a ballot. People vote without a problem in New York and there is only one reason to make it easier — to corrupt the vote. If he doesn’t get it through the legislature, he’ll do it through fiat, the way he does everything.

Making Corrupt Voting Easier

The Democrat announced a proposal Sunday that includes early voting, automatic voter registration through motor vehicle services, and allowing same-day voter registration on Election Days.

Cuomo claims this is modernization. Once people are registered to vote along with obtaining a driver’s license, people who are not eligible to vote but can obtain a driver’s license, such as illegal aliens, can vote without anyone ever checking.

This law is also known as Motor Voter.

The early voting proposal calls for at least one polling place in each county available to voters in the 12 days before Election Day. New York is one of 13 states that doesn’t have early voting.

The automatic registration would send information from motor vehicle applications directly to county boards of election, unless a resident opted out.

Same day registration calls out for corruption.

California is ahead of him and we saw the results in this past election.

California Is Making It Incredibly Easy For Ineligible Voters to Cast a Ballot in 2016

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