New York Is Business-Friendly After All: Mexican Sinoloa Cartel Offers FREE Meth in NY


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Who says New York isn’t business-friendly.

The Mexican Sinoloa cartel is carving out a home turf on Long Island and in New York City with their latest venture which is to give away free meth to dealers. They are mixing the meth in with the shipments of heroine and cocaine to get people hooked.

This is the same business model they used in Colombia twenty years ago when they shipped free heroine in with the cocaine.

“It follows the pattern we saw with heroin 20 years ago when the Colombians were trying to create a market for their heroine by shipping it with cocaine. By pumping up the supply [of meth] they hope to create demand,” said NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan.

They’ve made a business decision to create a vibrant market for their manufactured drug. Unfortunately, meth can be smoked as well as injected. It can be dissolved in water or alcohol. It’s a crystalline white powder, that is an odorless bitter tasting combination of chemicals like pseudoephedrine or ephedrine.

The meth circulating around Long Island and in New York City’s boroughs is cartel-operated and created in superlabs in Mexico.

It’s cheap for cartels to make. All they need is equipment, chemicals and a lab.

A bag of meth can be had for as little as $5 on streets of Long Island as opposed to $20 a few years ago. The Mexican-produced product sells for about $10,000 a pound.

It’s highly addictive and once tried the cartels have a loyal customer willing to do anything to get the product.

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Home Meth Lab

The meth that was being made in hotel rooms and homes was low-quality but the Mexican produce meth that is 98% pure. The product is lethal. Homes that were meth labs had to be completely stripped down to the foundation to be used again.

Meth is a poison that requires special handling.

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, President of the Mineola-based Family and Children’s Association said that he is seeing a “willingness among users to try anything and everything.”

We have a steady unabated flow of drugs through our borders and we have an increased presence of illegal alien gangs like MS-13 to help dispense the drugs. A recent poll of New York City police shows that 85% of the police are afraid to do their jobs. With new laws in the pipeline banning any type of chokehold and demanding written consent from a suspect before frisking him/her, they will be even more constrained. The message being sent is clear. The time is ripe and the opportunity is the best cartels could hope for.

Long Island is already addicted to heroine, next up – meth.

Opening up a meth market with free meth is a good business decision but a most destructive one. It is often the youth who are being drawn in the most.

If you google the “before and after” photos of meth users, you will find the faces of meth.








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