New York passes a bill to give Trump’s taxes to Congress


The New York State Senate passed a bill that would allow them to give Trump’s tax returns to Congress. New York is now a far-left dictatorship. The Democrats control the legislature and the governorship.

The bill is heading for the desk or Trump hater Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Democrats are looking for anything they can use to damage the President. No one has ever had this type of scrutiny.

The bill allows the state Department of Taxation and Finance to release tax returns of thousands of New Yorkers upon the official request by Congress.

This will hurt more than the President. It can be used to hurt anyone. It’s an abusive law, completely partisan. They’ve weaponized and politicized everything and anyone could become their victim.

The legislation passed the Assembly in an 85 to 49 vote, and 31 to 21 in the state Senate.

It will allow the state department of taxation to release tax returns of thousands of New Yorkers if the Congress requests it.

It’s an abuse of power.

While it’s aimed at Trump, a lot of people could be victimized.

We are no longer free in New York and the one-party rulers don’t care what the people think. They will abuse their power to get their enemies. If they can do it to the President of the United States, they can do it to anyone.

This is all part of the coup. We don’t mean these people all meet up and plan it. They just know what to do.




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