New York Prepares for One-Party Rule


King of New York

We still have Republicans holding onto the state senate for now but the Democrats believe they have won the state senate. The Democrats are about to take over 5 of the 6 Supreme Court seats. The Assembly has long been Democratic. Democrats hold all statewide offices. Republicans have nothing. [NY Times]

New York state spends, taxes and passes regulations, that’s what the politicians here do. It’s what Obama wants for the entire country. Our home values, except for New York City, are declining no matter what the reports claim. Businesses are failing on Long Island, lots of empty stores.

Now we have $33 billion in damage from Hurricane Sandy. We will need a bailout soon at the expense of the states that are not socialist yet. We are deeply in debt.

If New York can vote resoundingly Democratic when the economy is in the sewer and Obama’s foreign policy is flailing, I think it is safe to say that New York will soon have no Republicans – it’s a dictatorship voted in by the people.

via Newsday

Democrats appeared poised to take five of six state Supreme Court seats on Long Island, leaving Justice Peter B. Skelos as the lone Republican victor, according to unofficial election results.

The results also showed Republican Justice James M. Catterson with too few votes to retain his seat, although absentee, provisional and unscanned emergency ballots still must be counted. Candidates run in Nassau and Suffolk.

Twelve candidates — six Democrats, five Republicans and one Conservative — were vying for 14-year terms. The Democrats who led in vote counts were:

Richard Ambro, clerk to Suffolk‘s administrative judge, with 440,201 votes

Huntington Town attorney John Leo, 439,190

Sondra Pardes, a Nassau District Court judge, 435,778

Leonard Austin, a Supreme Court justice since 1998, 432,797

Leonard Steinman, a member of Nassau County’s financial control board, 422,111

Skelos, brother to State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre), was in fifth place with 427,481 votes.

“Right now, I’m gratified that I’m in the position that I’m in,” Skelos said in a telephone interview. “I have my seat belt on.”


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