New York State Wants to Hire Illiterate Teachers


New York State officials plan to drop the literacy exam for prospective teachers which will allow unqualified teachers can obtain certificates. They don’t want performance and the inability to read to hold them back apparently.

The state Board of Regents will likely vote early next week on whether to ax the Academic Literacy Skills Test, one of four exams that teacher wannabes have to pass for certification, officials said Monday, the NY Post reported. It will be approved by the socialists in charge.

The Regents will also consider changes to one of the other three prerequisite exams for would-be educators, the Teacher Performance Assessment, or edTPA.

Teachers who barely fail can be certified if they have enough pluses such as teacher recommendations.

The literacy test has been accused of working against minorities. They want black and Hispanic teachers.

It’s also good for those politicians dumbing down the population so they can be manipulated.


What’s next? Mentally challenged minorities for these jobs?

In 2014, the Colorado Teachers’ Union began hiring illegal aliens – so-called DREAMers – with only GEDs – to teach. Teach for America and the Denver Public Schools (DPS) were and are on the hunt for a specific type of teacher – illegal aliens.

They are not looking for the ones with the proper credentials, but rather, they want the ones who are “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) aka DREAMer. This is only the beginning and it is meant to go beyond DACA eventually. That’s what open borders are about.

It is important to note that both Teach for America and the DPS receive federal funding and everyone who pays federal taxes donates to both. New York then moved to allow illegal aliens to obtain teacher certificates.

Read the details at the NY Post.

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