New York State Will Probably Legalize Prostitution


New York is probably going to legalize prostitution. That will be a real boon for child sex traffickers and other perverts who manipulate these children and women. Although it will still be illegal to traffic underage children, it will make it easier for their handlers to peddle them out.

New York has become a one-party Socialist state with the far-left in charge. The far-left Democrat legislators came forward with the 13-page bill. They feel the time is now and criminals are their voter base, after all.

The new bill will fully decriminalize prostitution and eliminate prior criminal records related to most sex work charges.

If passed, the legislation would make it legal to both sell and buy sex under specific circumstances. The legislation would also regulate the actual places where prostitution takes place, in an effort to regulate sex work and make working conditions for sex workers safer.

This will be something else to tax.


Two of the bill’s sponsors, state senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar, have said that 9 out of 10 people arrested in sex-work-related massage parlor raids are immigrants, with most being undocumented Asians.

Supporters say, “We are trying to change the lives of many New Yorkers that historically have been criminalized for using their bodies to survive.”

Under the bill, many misdemeanor charges related to prostitution would be repealed, however not all. Prostitution in a school zone, for example, would remain a misdemeanor offense.

They won’t decriminalize sex trafficking of minors but obviously, this bill will make it easy to traffic minors. The cartels running the drugs in New York will be thrilled. This is another lucrative area for them.

A far-left group called Decrim NY is behind this.


The state will go down the tubes quickly. This bill says it’s okay to sell your bodies and this is from the party that allegedly cares about women. It’s “work” that attracts the worst of humanity.

There is also a plan to legalize marijuana and who knows what other drugs. Despite what you have heard, cannabis is a gateway drug and the children will now have more access.

Gambling is A-OK, furthering the downfall of people who are addicted or who will be.

These are the same legislators who cheered and gave a standing ovation when an unfettered abortion bill was passed.

New York is a sanctuary state for whoever wants to break our immigration laws and feed off us, including criminals.

The state will look terrible very quickly at this rate.




  1. Yea I’ll pass on Pancho’s Poontang Pitstop in Poughkeepsie. The whole exercise is a lot more enjoyable when the participants actually care about each other and it’s not just a transaction. Illinois thinks they’ll solve their pension crisis with cannabis but they haven’t figured out how to tax and grift and leave enough meat on the bone where people will be willing to pay the price that they are asking.
    Small amounts is the proposed solution. They think the comrades won’t figure out they are paying more due to small amounts.

    • What a bullshittily biased article is this? Comparing potatoes with apples does not seem like good investigative journalism. Populism is seemingly the avenue you chose in these sensitive topics here.
      The prostitution legalization bill is right as well as the cannabis legalization bill. The state will actually become a better place with less convicts for misdemeanors. If you would travel to places with legal prostitution you would also see that less rape crimes are committed and conditions for both sex workers and their clients are way better and less shady. I suggest to follow the investigative approach travel to Amsterdam to visit a coffee shop and a hooker and then walk through the city the next day and tell us if you feel unsafe there.

      • You are entitled to your opinion, but you are also quite biased. I have traveled the world, have been to Amsterdam and was very unimpressed by the ‘coffee shops.’

        The NY legalization is for the illegal alien prostitutes by the admission of the writers of the bills. Those are trafficked women. You sound like a typical leftist who quarters no opinion but your own.

        • “The new bill will fully decriminalize prostitution and eliminate prior criminal records related to most sex work charges.” This the article here does not say anything about only illegal aliens benefiting from this. Yes I am a liberal but you consider it leftist. I value other opinions of educated people and see through the sheer bias of this article to not see the author as one. Impressed or not does not matter. The fact is that crime is lower over there even if every conservative is against it for what reason ever you cannot ignore facts.

          • I don’t say only illegals will benefit. I pointed to one group that will be exploited. You think legal prostitution lowers the crime rate? I need links to facts, studies on that. Saying it doesn’t make it so. I am very well-educated.

            The Netherlands and Germany are considering repealing legal prostitution because of the crime, trafficking, and sexual violence in both legal and illegal prostitution. A 1999 Swedish law describes prostitution as a human rights violation against women.

            Prostitution exploits women and girls.

  2. The DEMONcrat pols are just trying to protect themselves. This way they won’t be committing a crime when they screw their constituents.

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