A Lesson for All Teachers: New York Teachers Get What They Asked For


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New York teachers and their union – NYSUT – wouldn’t come out in support of the Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino. As a result, they are getting the only alternative – Andrew Cuomo.

We should mention that Suffolk County teachers did not vote for Cuomo for the most part. It’s unfortunate all teachers didn’t follow their lead.

Even when faced with losing their security, many teachers voted for the totalitarian governor or stayed home.

The union was confronted with a totalitarian governor – a bully – who wouldn’t mind dismantling unions, but they still wouldn’t come out for Astorino. They came out for no one.


Unfortunately, they are going to suffer the inevitable.

Totalitarians like Andrew Cuomo eventually hurt even their supporters.

The teachers union is “ready to rumble” according to an article in their magazine, NYSUT United.

“Make no mistake, we are in for a fight this year,” said NYSUT president Karen Magee, “and we are ready to rumble.”

“It’s no secret that we are under attack by the governor,” said Executive VP Andy Pallotta. “We are in a crisis and we need everyone to join together in the fight for public education and against Gov. Cuomo’s actions!”

Cuomo is taking “education advice from billionaires and not listening to parents and educators”, he said. “For us to win, the public must hear teachers’ and parents’ voice, loud and clear,” he continued.

Why didn’t they just vote for Astorino?

Governor Cuomo has agreed to take some of the 2.8% increase in the budget and give schools some of it back (their own money) – 4.8% – but only if they change how teachers are evaluated.

In other words, he’s using bribery as a means of getting what he wants.

He wants to use grossly inaccurate standardized tests and make them worth 50% of the teachers’ evaluations.

The state government will replace local control of teachers evaluations under this system.

It takes away the humanity in evaluations and replaces it with bureaucracy.

Tests that can be off by several years will determine a teacher’s future.

Children who are impaired will bring down their teachers because they can’t score well. Innocent children will be under pressure to do well on an often meaningless linear measure.

Teachers who taught to the test will have to do a lot more of that to survive.

Cuomo has a point when he says 98% of the evaluations rating teachers as “effective” or better are “baloney.”

That’s true. The teacher’s union in too many schools make administrators’ lives pure hell when they try to evaluate honestly. Some teachers who don’t get “excellent” or “satisfactory” go right to the union. They also go to parents and cause political problems for administrators who are often just trying to be honest and want to help teachers improve.

Administrators for their part will choose popularity over honesty at times.

Teachers are getting what they deserve then?


Replacing a system that has some problems with a worse one to do an end-run around the union will help destroy public education. What highly qualified teacher will put themselves in the position of working in a difficult job to be rated unfairly?

As the New York State United Teachers’ union (NYSUT) president said, Cuomo’s approach would “work if you were putting together cars in a factory” rather than trying to teach students who come from different income and education backgrounds.”

Cuomo also wants to increase a teacher’s probationary period from three to five years so they can be fired more easily. It will do nothing to address the problem.

Everything Cuomo does won’t address the problem. He’s a partisan hack.

Andrew Cuomo would be a favorite of the Communist Party USA, in their own words, except for his corporate associations. Those are the same associates who back the charter schools which he wants more of.

Charter schools give Americans two public school programs to pay for and they don’t address the problem except in a temporary way, but they do threaten the very existence of our public school system and they allow corporatists to take over education in dribs and drabs.

Cuomo said there is an epidemic of failure in our schools. It is true of some schools but his solution is to create a one-size-fits-all evaluation that will fit all the disparate schools and populations and he is doing it by attacking the very people who have to help the children.

He will use tests that are by no means accurate and everyone will be judged by them. Even those dedicated and loving teachers who take the worst of the worst from the student population will suffer under this mindless, evil system.

Yes, it’s evil. Whenever a totalitarian government controls the masses with a mindless, nameless, immoral bureaucracy, it is an evil government.

Teachers need the union. Teaching is a very political position. Parents can sometimes make judgments based on feelings and some administrators can be unfair. Teachers need to be protected from that. The union has simply gone too far for too long and they do not put the children first. They believe they must defend every staff member no matter how bad and they make everyone look bad when they do that.

Cuomo’s imbecilic way of dealing with the flaws is to create a government-coroporatist bureaucracy that will profit off our children.

Hey, it’s what many teachers voted for.

Teachers, children and parents will suffer but one thing is for certain in New York, they will all keep voting for totalitarian Democrats.

It’s not so much fun when the totalitarians turn their attentions from Republicans and go after their own but it is inevitable.

Hopefully, the teachers will be successful in their fight against Cuomo but it’s not looking good right now. Unions need to stop pouring money into electing totalitarians.


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