New York Times Reports Fake News Twice in One Day to Embarrass Trump


Lots of fake news yesterday. One of the stories out of the New York Times — who heard it from anonymous sources — was that Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit because President Trump blamed him – Rosenstein – for the firing of James Comey.

The Washington Post also reported late Wednesday, citing a person close to the White House, that Rosenstein threatened to resign after White House press officials repeated a narrative which painted him as the key influence that led to Comey’s dismissal.

However, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was asked by a Sinclair News reporter Thursday if threatened to quit over President Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey and his answer was a resounding “no”.

“No, I’m not quitting,” he said in a video posted to Twitter.

The reporter asked again if he threatened to quit, to which he replied, “no.”

If these newspapers stopped reporting gossip and actually reported news, we could restore an important Democratic institution.

The other fake news story was already covered on this link.

The NY Times and the rest of the establishment media widely reported that days before he was fired, Comey asked for more staff to cover the Russia investigation. Some in the media claimed it was the day before the firing.

Their information came from the usual unnamed, anonymous sources.

Joe Scarborough said, “His appeal was made to Rod J. Rosenstein, whose memo was used to justify Mr. Comey’s abrupt dismissal on Tuesday.”

It’s a lie. The FBI is “adequately resourced” according to McCabe and he knows of no such request. He added that they don’t ask for staff for one investigation: That is not how we operate. We are well-funded for all investigations proceeding, he said.

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