New York Times Reports Happiness Is Found in Socialism, High Taxes


NY Times reporter Patrick Kingsley bloviated about the happiest town in an article entitled, “It’s Cold, Dark and Lacks Parking. But Is This Finnish Town the World’s Happiest?” 

The Finnish town in question is Kauniainen, and its mayor claimed the “happiest town” title after a U.N. study found Finland the world’s happiest country, and another study found Kauniainen’s residents to be the most satisfied in the country.

Naturally they are happy because they have high taxes and a big socialist government. It’s the secret to their success.

It’s so good to know that Venezuela isn’t the only happy socialist place in the world.

The Finnish in the town have free healthcare, free education, and affordable child care. They have subsidized sports, services for all. They thank their god — the State — which takes control of everything, including huge chunks of their money to give everything away for free.

It’s all free or nearly free. The only thing they have to do is pay high taxes. For example, someone earning $45,000 will pay double the taxes an American pays in many states. But residents are happy, oh so happy, as a collective.

Soft Socialism is the answer. They give everything away for free.

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