New York Voted to Corrupt the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote Compact



In a jaw-dropping case of ignorance and misguided intentions, the New York State legislature has passed the National Popular Vote Compact (NPVC or NPV) which Gov. Andrew Cuomo will gladly sign.

The NPVC or NPV is a brainchild of George Soros’ son Jonathan. What could possibly go wrong with that?

New York might see some short-term gains from this law, but it will alter the way we elect the president and vice president. It will damage or destroy our Republic because it will circumvent the Electoral College. It will hand the vote over to the most populous cities with the most corrupt electoral machines. Expect to see the ads in the cities whip up. The unions will go wild with glee should this become the nation’s law.

It will take the electoral process out of the hands of the states and put it into the hands of some wild compact.

The law pretends to turn the vote for president and vice president over to the people but it will corrupt the vote.

New York voting for it doesn’t make it law yet. After enough states – the equivalent of 270 electoral votes – pass it, it might become the law of the land. They now have 160 electoral votes.

When enough states do what New York has just done, the NPVers will attempt this crazy, illogical new process in the next presidential election. You can expect to see mayhem.

It’s not unlike some of the systems we see in Banana Republics.

It is likely unconstitutional because the Electoral College should only be changed by a constitutional amendment, but by the time the Supreme Court hears the case, it will be too late.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, please click this link.

Only 4 New York senators and 33 assemblymen – 2 Republicans (Lee Zeldin and Greg Ball) and 2 Democrats in the senate and 33 assemblymen including Al Graf – voted against the NPV. Almost the entire senate voted against our Republic, a Republic which will soon become a democracy, one that will surely wither away.


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