New Yorkers Respond to Bolshevik De Blasio’s Forced Meatless Mondays


“Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio in a statement Monday.

“We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.”

The kids are getting vegetarian breakfasts and lunches every Monday.

We can take the easy way out with this article and just let New Yorkers tell you what they think of the Soviet mayor’s latest idiocy. Of course, this is indoctrination and won’t do a thing for the planet. But what is surprising is that as far-left as New York now is, the people get it.

Check out the responses:



    • When is enough, enough! If we don’t stop these tyrants, they’ll continue to strip us of our individual and God given rights.

      • You don’t have a God-given right to meat in the cafeteria. My choice would be send my kid a lunch. And my kids are breakfast AT HOME. How much “parenting” are the schools allowed to do?

  1. This response from jt38 : “…f**k your meatless mondays.” Make a good billboard, somewhere Bolshevik Bill can see it every day.

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