New York’s Commie Mayor Hires A Far-Left Racialist to Serve as Counsel



Maya Wiley

h/t Herbert Richmond

Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio has made yet another awful appointment. He has chosen social justice racialist Maya Wiley to serve as counsel to himself. What a pair they will make.

Both see racism in every corner of every room and they seek to right all the wrongs with their own version of equality. The police, fire departments and so on are about to experience a transformation if my judgment is right.

The position she is being given is one of policy making, hiring and urban governance. She will be showing him how to use executive orders.

We have another lord of another fiefdom.

Wiley is out there if you know what I mean. She’s worked with Soros’ Open Society, the NAALCP (the L is for Liberal colored people), and the ACLU which is still as close to being a communist front as a firm could be outside of the National Lawyer’s Guild.

She’s opposed to race-neutral politics. Of course she is. Let’s segregate ourselves more over something as ridiculous as skin color.

The Socialists in the Congressional Black Caucus invited her to testify about race and justice in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case.

She wants to use “mind science on implicit bias.” She’s the thought police!

She will be no friend to banks and businesses because of all their hidden discrimination.

Her father was an activist in making government dependency a good thing. Welfare is an unconditional entitlement he said.

She doesn’t have hands-on experience suitable for the job but what does it matter when she has all these other amazingly bigoted prejudices she can bring to her position.

Read more at City Journal, Heather MacDonald


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