New York’s Cuomo is Opening Schools For Sex Offenders to Vote-7-9 PM


No, the headline, is not lifted from the satirical “Onion” site.  This happens to be a bona fide news story, reported in the NY Post. 

On the heels of Andrew Cuomo issuing a blanket pardon allowing 24,000 parolees the right to vote, the governor had his Department of Correctional Services create a “special condition” allowing paroled, dangerous sex offenders and pedophiles to vote in certain  schools. 

The felons would need to get an OK from their parole officers and a school administrator.  Given that, they can “enter the school grounds after 7 p.m. on the date of the election” but “not remain in or loiter” there after voting.  

Republican challenger, Marc Molinaro, sees Prince Andrew’s latest proclamation as executive overreach and thus an improper rewriting of a statute. 

“This governor is encouraging sex offenders to break the law, which might actually violate their parole agreements. If Andrew Cuomo really wanted to, he could have addressed this issue legislatively, but in typical fashion he tried to govern by fiat and made a total mess of the situation.”


Upstate sheriffs pushed back hard against the policies with some threatening sex offenders who show up at schools. 

“We’re going to alert the public that Gov. Cuomo’s new policy will allow sexual predators in the schools after 7 p.m. on Election Day. There are student activities in our school up until 9 p.m.” said Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss.

There are a 10,212 Level 3 sex offenders, classified as the most violent and dangerous, registered in the Empire State, but it’s unclear how many are under parole supervision. 

But fear not citizens of the once glorious Empire State!  A bunch of overburdened parole officers buried under more cases than they can handle, and some school administrators with zero working knowledge of felons they’re being forced to deal with, will keep your children safe.  

And if that vetting fails, we still have folks (many of whom are seniors) manning the polls for the last 2 hours of their 12 hour day, to serve as a final firewall.  How they could possibly be credibly tasked with knowing whom amongst the crush of late voters might want to rape some innocent little girl or boy, and if the sick predator had indeed left the building? 

They can’t.  

It’s just the most recent pandering madness Cuomo has forced on NY residents, since being challenged by celebrity, socialist/communist, Cynthia Nixon.  Andrew Cuomo’s latest stupid idea now joins the list of other politically inspired missteps, and slandering of law enforcement, that makes New Yorkers, and their kids, much less safe.  




  1. This is so sick and twisted. Knowingly putting kids at risk for one of the most evil of crimes, just for ‘votes’.
    But that’s what they’re good at.

  2. Andrew Cuomo must have a sick, twisted mind, not unlike many on the far left. Maybe he identifies with pedophiles in his subconscious mind. He really doesn’t need the few votes may get from this action, so what could his possible motive be? Does he feel sorry for these criminals? Is he a supporter of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Ass’n.)? Does he have relatives or friends that are members or supporters? He can’t possibly think that this move will get him more votes from regular voters. In any event, he shows us how low he can go, into the depths of depravity. As a lifetime New York State resident, I am personally embarrassed to have him as my Governor….

    • While I agree with EVERYTHING that is so well stated above by Mr. August, I fear that the King Andrew cares NOTHING about “regular voters.”

      Although the few Conservative voters who remain are trapped in the Liberal Gulag Archipelago that stretches from Westchester south to Lower Manhattan and East out to the end of Long Island, this entire area is PACKED with very rich and very well organized Socialist Progressive Liberal elitists who make sure they provide the funds needed by Leftists like Cuomo to dominate this expensive media market.

      They also make sure to pander to every parasitic special interest group by continually promising to redistribute ever more of the wealth of the productive to the unproductive.

      Outside this “Gulag” the rest of the state is a blasted economic wasteland, destroyed by the confiscatory taxes and strangulating regulations that ARE the policies of BOTH the Progressive Socialist Democrats and their junior partners in crime, the RINO Republican sellouts.

      It is filled with those too economically distressed to donate to candidates, too uninspired by the perpetual treason of the corrupt, rapacious RINOs that infest the state to be motivated to vote for them and too weak and defeated to care anymore. As evidenced by the HUGE, ongoing exodus from the Evil Empire state to more livable areas, their solution lies less in voting for an alternate band of political THIEVES and more in just escaping the predations of the Bi-Partisan gang of oligarchical CRIMINALS that King Andrew rules over in Albany.

      So it is no surprise that this EVIL man would champion the “rights” of pedophiles, cop-killers and other criminal predators to vote… after all, he and the criminals he supports have so much in common.

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