New York’s Ruler Andrew Cuomo Bullies Legislature to Pass His Written Sex Agreements Bill



The left believes that there is an epidemic of rapes on college campuses. It’s a vote getter for any politician who wants to side with them in liberal states. Andrew Cuomo claimed that one in four women are victims but only 5% report it. How could he possibly know the figures are that high if only 5% report?

Dictator Andrew Cuomo has foisted a legislative proposal on the lawmakers using phony statistics.

The bill is called “2015 Opportunity Agenda” and it is meant to protect the safety and rights of New York’s college and university students according to his aides.

Legislators are afraid to buck it and have been getting pressured. Dean Skelos, who is under indictment, was just replaced in the senate by a Republican RINO who can be counted on to do Obama’s bidding.

New York basically has one-party socialist rule and it will stay that way thanks to New York City leftists.

The Cuomo law will require an affirmative consent policy for all sexual interactions at all colleges, public and private.

These laws don’t work anywhere, but more importantly, Cuomo is a dictator and the left wants control of everything.

Men had better be careful not to forget their signed agreement before sleeping with a coed – don’t trust any woman! This law will be used to prosecute people – that’s the purpose of it.

Cuomo’s law requires affirmative consent as “a clear, unambiguous, and voluntary agreement between the participants to engage in specific sexual activity,” Mr. Cuomo’s office said.

The California state legislature passed a similar bill last year.

In New York, Republican state lawmakers have expressed skepticism about such a policy.

Cuomo’s legislation offers amnesty for drug and alcohol violations to students reporting sexual assaults as if that won’t also spur false reporting.

The king of New York will make colleges distribute a bill of rights for sex-assault and train administrators on the issue – another expense.

The leftist advocates want more, LGBTs want their own law, the legislators are afraid to vote no, and it will cost colleges and universities money for what will be an unfunded mandate.

There are no debates, no discussions, no negotiations to make it a better bill. Cuomo wrote the entire bill and told the frightened legislature to pass it.

He will unilaterally pass it if they don’t.

What kind of government is this?

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