New York’s Socialist Budget From Hell



New York’s big government budget mirrors the federal government budget in that it is a redistributive document based on bribery and threats which includes payoffs to government Cronies.

It’s socialist to its core.

It relies on deceptive tactics to garner support from the masses. Each group gets something they like and are threatened with worse if they don’t comply. Many will sell out their values in what is loosely termed a compromise.

Long Island is a good example of how New York State destroys the productive for the benefit of the welfare state.

LI Assoc

Long Island gives $42.5 billion in revenue to the Federal government and another $15 billion to the states. In return, Long Island gets back $19.4 billion from the feds and $10.4 billion from the state.

Long Island is the “rich” suburban ATM for the cities and the high-welfare regions of the state.

The deficit between what Long Island gives the government and what they get back in government spending has grown 65% between 2003 and 2013. The deficit is continuing to grow.

This is Marxist redistribution at its worst.

The bottom line is that it will continue to grow because the state is becoming more and more socialist. Eventually, they will run out of everyone’s money in the state and they will need a bailout from hard-working Americans in other states.

According to Newsday in an article, LI gets less than it pays, an analyst from the Fiscal Policy Institute, a union-backed think tank in NYC and Albany, said “We have a progressive income tax structure in New York and at the federal level, and that asks people who are doing well in society to pay a little bit more of their income in taxes so that it can benefit those who are not doing so well.”

That is a partial definition of Marxist communism.

Long Island schools have been particularly hard hit but Cuomo will give them a little more of their money, which he calls “generous”, if they agree to abide by the big government teacher evaluation program.

Cuomo tried to make the budget appear “ethical”. It’s a straw man.

He shut down the Moreland Commission when they got close to the corrupt Sheldon Silver. It didn’t make him look good but to make himself appear ethical now and to give his budget a false image, he is adding an ethics plan. “I will not sign a budget that does not have an ethics plan as outlined in my proposal…to deter, detect, and punish,” Cuomo told NYU law school.

He’s demanding more disclosure of outside income earned by lawmakers when there already are laws covering it.

Some lures attached to the ethics plan are popular such as seizing the pensions of officials convicted of corruption. Look at the shiny object.

A NY Public Interest Research Group representative, Blair Horner, said Cuomo’s use of the budget as a hammer may just work. Horner is willing to have a dictator bully people like a Mafia thug if it works apparently.

Freedom is out, totalitarianism is in.

Cuomo will give religious schools and conservatives an education tax credit – not his money by the way but ours – if he gets to pass his college education grants for illegal DREAMers. Since there are no checks on whether they are really DREAMers, they will all be eligible.

His criminal justice proposal meets the needs of the social justice communists marching around NY as occupiers and Ferguson supporters. He will form a “reconciliation commission” to improve community-police relations. Never mind that many of the problematic relations are with criminals and their families.

Dean Skelos said, “To me, I don’t believe you have to tinker with the grand jury system. It functions fairly well.”

You are seeing the erosion of our criminal justice system. Expect this to be carried out around the country. As NY goes, so will the rest of the nation.

Cuomo made it palatable however by adding bulletproof glass in police cars.

Cuomo said the budget is exercising “fiscal discipline.” Compared to what? It’s only going up 1.7% but there are no substantive cuts and welfare continues to grow. New Yorkers now have to pay for illegals as well. He’s growing the future deficits.

There is a surplus in the budget which he is using to raise the minimum wage, give tax breaks to businesses, and implement some infrastructure.

The surplus was used to give small businesses a tax break to win them over. More bribery. It won’t help much when they have to pay $11.50 an hour for every employee doing the most minimal job in their business. That’s the minimum wage Cuomo hopes to reach.

“If you are working full time, you shouldn’t be in poverty,” Cuomo said. How does $11.50 an hour solve that problem and who is he to tell businesses how much they have to pay employees?

New York State is more than $364 billion in debt. Wouldn’t it have been creative to take the surplus and pay down the debt?

NY is the highest taxed state that has posted the slowest job growth and many of it’s communities face poor projected economic growth through 2020.

New York’s tax incentives have increased from $200 million in 1994 to $2 billion in 2013, tripling since 2005.

New York gives more than 71,000 tax breaks and grants. No state can equal New York in the number of grants they give out. Many of the companies that received grants have legally contributed to Cuomo’s campaigns.

To paraphrase Newsday, New York’s tax dollars that could otherwise be invested in proven business attraction strategies like building ailing infrastructure and increasing the skill level of the workforce, are being given out in grants and tax subsidies that are being doled out like candy to some of the profitable business in NY state.

He’s buying votes with corporate welfare.

These tax credits/grants are just sweetheart deals for the well-connected. It only benefits the well-connected and leaves the taxpayer paying the way.

If Cuomo doesn’t get his way, he’ll just take out his pen and phone. He rules despotically. He’s a small time thug in a big time job.


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