News Flash! Associated Pravda Asks a Tough One of Mr. Obama



One confused President

At the end of the year presser with President Obama, Julie Pace, journalist for the AP, asked Mr. Obama if 2013 was his worst year, a question she prefaced with the fact that he accomplished nothing domestically. When he gave a stock answer she said that people seemed to have lost confidence in him, his credibility took a hit, and she wanted to know if he understood that peoples’ views of him have changed. He continued with the stock answer.

At the end of the clip, Obama says that a million people signed up for private insurance and another million signed up for Medicaid, leading Mr. Obama to claim that 2 million will have health insurance and that’s a big deal. We don’t even know if 2 million people will really have health insurance January 1.

Six million lost insurance, two million gained insurance, thirty million were supposed to be insured, and there are more who will lose insurance next year.

Two million out of thirty million so far, that’s a .067 average, Obama gets demoted to D League Baseball with that average.

Yesterday, Mr. Obama waived the individual mandate for the nearly 6 million people who lost their health insurance because of Obamacare. It is unknown how this will affect numbers. It’s his 17th illegal change to the law.

Who will be paying for Obamacare at this point?

Mr. Obama will allow insurance companies to offer catastrophic insurance to anyone, not just young people. The deadline for enrollment is Monday and it is unlikely that Mr. Obama’s change to the healthcare law is workable.

Merry Christmas!

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