News Media Claims Poland’s First Lady Snubbed Trump, Only It’s a Provable Lie


The fake news media claimed today that the First Lady of Poland would not shake hands with the President. Some said she was reluctant to do so and merely gave in.

Only it’s a lie and not what happened. The truth is that Poland’s first lady saw her husband shaking Donald Trump’s hand and exchanging a few words. Instead of interrupting that interaction she walked over to Melania who was unattended.

After shaking Melania’s hand, she turned to our president who was by then freed up, and shook his hand.

AOL wrote that the President was miffed after he was left hanging by Poland’s First Lady who seemed to reject his handshake. They included this tweet with a deceptively edited clip.

Bloomberg wrote in the title of their article, “another awkward handshake”. The First Lady of Poland had greatly “shocked and disappointed” the President of the United States, the article reports, when she didn’t move to shake hands with him first.

The passage:

She then moved with an extended hand toward Melania, but Trump, standing nearer, thought the handshake was for him again and reached out to Kornhauser-Duda. He flashed a somewhat startled and disappointed look when the Polish president’s wife shook Melania’s hand, not his.

Quickly sizing up the situation, Kornhauser-Duda gave Trump a second handshake and he gave her a pardoning smile.

The New York Daily News posted the deceptively edited video and blabbered on about the “snub”.

They wrote:

President Trump just can’t get a proper handshake abroad.

The First Lady of Poland appeared to snub Trump for a handshake Thursday after he gave a speech in Warsaw — giving Trump yet another public gaffe during a foreign trip.[…]

News cameras captured Agata Kornhauser-Duda gliding past the open-handed Trump during a photoshoot, stepping straight to First Lady Melania Trump instead.

Trump seemed stunned by the snub, and let out a slight smirk as the wives talked.

Not to be outdone, Time also tweeted the latest from fantasy media.

There were many other outlets, including HuffPo, that tweeted this fake story.

NBC slammed the fake story

Brad Jaffy, NBC’s senior news editor, slammed those creating fake news over the incident saying, “Folks, Poland’s first lady did not diss Trump’s handshake attempt. She was looking at Melania, shook her hand, then shook Trump’s. Stop.”

Jaffy posted the full video.

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