News to Come – U.S. Commits Suicide by Green Card


Since 2001, the U.S. has doubled the number of immigrants from Muslim countries. More than 1.6 million green cards have been issued to Muslims from countries that include Yemen, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Qatar, Somalia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Libya, Afghanistan and so on.

Many of our homegrown terrorists come from the Somali community.

The Muslim population will keep doubling and by 2050, it will triple.

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There are many Muslims in the U.S. not included in the latest data because they emigrated from countries like Canada and Russia, countries not included in the statistics. For example, almost 900,000 green cards were issued to Indians and nearly 14% of Indians are Muslims.

The statistics don’t even include non-immigrant Muslims such as students with visas, which, by the way, have risen sharply.

A Pew study found that 26% of young Muslims in the U.S. support suicide bombing in support of jihad. This helps explain our problem with homegrown terrorism.

The Islamic dream of a caliphate in the U.S. might not be just a dream. While many come here for opportunity, many also come to infiltrate or they come expecting to continue to grow Islamic Law and values.

This growth in immigration has led to a rapid increase in radical mosques in the U.S. funded by radical nations. Check out U.S. Imams Who Urge Jihad Against Infidels.

The statistics and this latest report were compiled and published at Conservative Review by Daniel Horowitz.

We owe him a debt of gratitude but will people heed the warning?

As Mr. Horowitz said of our current situation, “Yet, instead of being more careful with immigration and guarding our front door, Obama’s policy has been to increase refugees from volatile parts of the world that are embroiled in Islamic civil wars.”

Read the full article at Conservative Review. There is a lot more that is worth reading.

Some interesting findings by Pew Research follow.




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