Newsday Complicit As Obama Lies, Joe Wilson Get Ready


Newsday lied by omission again this day, September 6th. I know, like, wow, what a shock, right? Newsday never mentioned a word about Hoffa’s violent threats at the Detroit Labor Day rally yesterday – not a word. I do want to add this caveat before I continue – we love the workers. Workers are good, union thug leaders are bad. Buying a political party as union leaders have done is bad.

Back to my point. Jimmy Hoffa Jr. gave his violent speech, railing against the Tea Party yesterday, proclaiming, “President Obama, this is your army, we are ready to march,” Hoffa said. “But everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back, and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out.” That speech was an introduction to President Obama’s speech.

Obama sat in the audience as Junior said it and then went to the podium to say he was proud of Junior. When asked by the media to comment on Junior’s comments afterwards, Obama refused to comment. Is there any doubt where Obama stands and what he’s about now?

Okay, maybe Hoffa meant to take them out by voting for Democrats (maybe), but I seem to remember Sarah Palin having crosshairs on election districts and being attacked by the left as violent and wanting people to be shot.

Nonetheless, what Hoffa did is very dangerous. He’s inciting violence.

How often does the Tea Party get accused of incivility and violence, none of which is supported by facts? They tried to pin the Gabby Giffords shooting on them if you’ll remember. Now we have facts that his side is uncivil and not a word from Obama.

Newsday reported Obama’s union hard line (that was the title of the article) in referencing Obama’s Labor Day speech.

It might as well be considered Obama’s union campaign speech, to rally the troops, or should I say his army, as he sends a lot of their jobs to China and kills trucking jobs by allowing Mexican truck drivers into the country. I’m not saying I agree or don’t, I’m just saying it’s happening.

Obama loves collective bargaining, which is nothing more than the forced collection of union dues so the union leader thugs can buy the Democratic Party. Obama is opposed to right-to-work states. Could someone explain to me what is wrong with right-to-work states? All that means is forced union contributions are not allowed and unions are open shops. Oh, I remember, it’s money that goes to get Obama re-elected, duh, what was I thinking even asking.

He attacked the GOP for being political as he was being enormously political. His best lines were when he said organized labor was responsible for the rise of the middle class and they are core of the nation’s economy. I’m middle class and they don’t represent me.

Last but not least was his lie that he saved the auto industry and the Big Three are turning a profit and hiring new workers. His insinuation that he had anything to do with Ford’s success is laughable. Chrysler is now mostly an Italian company, however, best of all, is the lie that GM is turning a profit. They owe us $50 billion – when are we going to see the return of our money with all these alleged profits? We won’t in the near future because they are not making enough money.

I’d like to know why the President of the United States is fomenting war between segments of the population just because some don’t agree with him.

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