Newsday Says Get Used To The MTA Tax And Poor Services


Get used to high gas prices, get used to paying more for less and paying unjust taxes…that’s our Long Island paper for you. Newsday, how about taking up the cause of over-taxed Long Islanders instead of justifying our having to pay for poor MTA management. The MTA had 3.78 billion sitting in an account doing nothing when they hit us up for the endless payroll tax, which is now reflected in every bill we Long Islanders have though we use few of their service. They have a top heavy patronage administration. Their LIRR employees retire on full disability, or at least 97% of them do. The MTA wastes money, has no self-scrutiny, and we now have to pay for their incompetence. They won’t do a forensic audit and to fix the black hole they have created. Newsday should be calling for a repeal of the MTA tax. They would if they truly had our interests at heart.

Newsday was singing a different tune just two years ago when the MTA tax was first proposed but now they’ve slipped into the comfortable political climate of taxing “rich” Long Island. Businesses will continue to close, every bill we receive will be higher, and the law is unconstitutional. Does anyone care enough to fight this? If you do, go to and find out what you can do. Read more here: MTA Payroll Tax


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