Newspaper Investigated Concealed Carry and Crimes With Surprising Results


concealed-carry-We-the-People-tatoo-AP-640x480Advocates arguing for concealed carry say that only one-third of one percent of the concealed cary permit holders commit crimes. A newspaper investigated in Texas and came up with some surprising results – it’s true.

The Dayton News of Dayton, Texas, determined that of the 50,869 convictions of individuals age 21 or over that year for violent crimes in Texas in 2013, only 158 convicted individuals — or 0.3106 percent — held a concealed handgun license.

That doesn’t include all crimes, such as drug crimes, frauds, or traffic offenses. They focused on violent crimes and weapons-related offenses to include:  murders, sexual assaults, kidnappings, and terroristic threats, burglary, consumer product tampering and public lewdness.

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  1. If you “‘open carry”, you COULD / WILL be targeted by the good guys & the bad guys
    Concealed carry & it’s “suprise, suprise” the terrorist won’t know Where it’s coming from
    or Who or How many & at a time this occurs, EVERY / ANY advantage is HUGE!

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